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How could it be her…

Compared with the lively spirits and spirits, the demons and gods at this moment are quite deserted, and not only are they deserted, the entire group is covered with a thick haze, even the formerly confident head of the demons and gods, now The look was frightening.All the demon children remained silent, even the first demon child demon couldn\’t and didn\’t say a word, his expression was a bit fluctuating.This Shanghai\’s growth rate is so amazing… The demon god clan master spoke, and his eyes turned to the first demon son, \”No, how sure are you against him?\”Thirty percent!Only 30%? The face of the demon god clan master suddenly changed.Yes, his strength is better than that of Truth. I have a chance of winning at most 40% against Truth. If we are against him, I am afraid it will be less than 30%…Thirty percent… The head of the demon god clan closed his eyes slightly, his expression changing uncertainly.Brother demon!Jin Youqian walked up with a trace of panic, \”I didn\’t expect Shanghai to hide such a strong ability… What should I do now? Should I give up?\”give up?The demon god clan master opened his eyes, and a pair of demon pupils shone with extremely cold chills, \”No, I will never give up, but there is a way, but this way is very costly, and you need to gather all the demon children and the young people in your clan. The strength of a generation, if this method is used, it can be extremely strong within half an hour, and it is not difficult to win the top ten, but after half an hour, everyone\’s strength will fall by a realm…\”Lost one level…Jin Youqian\’s expression changed, he hesitated for a long time, gritted his teeth and said: \”As long as you can kill Shanghai and destroy the hope of the spirits and spirits, it will be nothing to lose one realm.\”Okay, now I am ready.The head of the demon god clan stared at Lingshen\’s line with shining eyes, \”As soon as this method comes out, let alone one Shanghai, even ten can\’t escape death…\”Chapter 0828The third round is still going on. With the competitions, the places in the final round have been won by the descendants of the gods who have been famous for a long time. Except for the big black horse who played out in Shanghai in the second game, the rest are getting them. Among the places.A large area has been vacated in the center of the place where the Lingshen line is located. The second elder brought the Lingxuan sword and others away from Sanzhang to help protect the Shanghai Dharma and let him meditate and recover. As for the two elders and the rest The child had already been dispatched, and went to listen to the news.About three hours later, Shanghai recovered from the state of meditation and slowly opened his eyes. Although he could not gain a greater understanding, his realm cultivation has reached the extreme of the Venerable Peak. The only specific breakthrough is It\’s just a thread.Nine skills in one, I have almost mastered it, but the three basic magic skills have improved a bit, and they have surpassed the master…There is also the fourth basic magic skill\’Penetration\’. I also understand that… … Shanghai\’s eyes flashed.

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