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When this rescue mission is completed, I will come to you… Ming Yuyan finished, the god incarnation that rose up in the sky disappeared instantly, the power of the gods all converged, the shadow moved, the void was completely distorted, and disappeared in the original. The ground, impressively has gone to the west.

Okay! Stop making trouble.The beautiful woman Liu\’s eyebrows frowned, and the women shut up. She took a deep look at Yan Wushuang, and said earnestly: \”The third sister can understand your mood, but you have to understand that the middle famine is not like we imagined. So calm, in the future you will be looking for a man who can protect you, not a man you are trying to protect. If a man doesn’t even have the ability to protect his beloved woman, what\’s the point of it?\” Behind, the beautiful woman\’s beautiful eyes revealed a trace of memory and resentment.The third sister is right. If this man is not as strong as you, even if he likes it again, what\’s the use? From now on, we will experience many dangers while practicing, and under those circumstances, one more strength is stronger than ourselves. It’s undoubtedly easy for a man to help out. If the other party is weaker than me, we need to be distracted to protect in the end. Is this still a man…The women talked a lot, Yan Wushuang stood aside, still unable to interrupt, in desperation, no longer said anything, but quietly focused on the bottom.Inside the ancient battlefield of the light curtain.Shanghai came to the ruins of a dilapidated ancient temple and stood quietly on the spot, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his pupils suddenly tightened.Since the three are here, why don\’t they show up? Shanghai said out……Three figures appeared in the sky, surrounded by finished fonts in Shanghai. The majestic and suffocating aura turned into a trapped sky like a shackle. These three are not others, they are the first of the three monsters and gods. Second, the fourth and fifth demon.At this moment, the eyes of the three monsters were a little different, because they were first noticed by Shanghai, but the latter did not take advantage of the gap in their appearance and directly conceded, which made the three of them suddenly a little surprised and uncertain.The appearance of the three demon children made the hearts of the people in the spirit and god line tense to the extreme, and even Ling Zhantian\’s face revealed a rare solemnity.Originally, there was still a glimmer of hope left in them. As long as Shanghai won the last two crystals of the gods, it would be enough, but they didn\’t expect the three demon children to come so fast, and three of them came at the same time and surrounded Shanghai in the center.The light curtain shows a scene from the ancient battlefield. Even if Ling Zhantian and the others are extremely anxious, they can’t help. They only hope that Shanghai can accompany them to surrender as soon as possible. After all, the three monsters are strong, and any one of them Not weaker than Lingxuan Sword, the second demon is even better.You are not worse than the Lingxuan Sword. The second demon said.Thank you for the compliment. Shanghai responded indifferently.You should know why our three brothers are surrounding you, so there is no need to waste time, and we will catch you with all hands. We will give you a good time when the time comes. The third demon said in a deep voice.Give me a good time? I was worried that you would not come. Now that you are here, it saves me from looking for them one by one. I want to threaten my grandpa to take out the spirit blood. Your dreams are doing really well. My elder brother It was almost destroyed by you. It’s time to avenge this hatred. I will let the demon god clan master know what it means to steal chickens and eat rice.” After Shanghai finished, he stepped forward, and thousands of feathers were born.
So fast…
The three monsters could only see the shadows of Shanghai moving vaguely, and couldn\’t see where his body was.
Don\’t let him run.\” The Second Demon Child shouted.In an instant!The fifth demon took the lead. His skin was cracked, and endless scales appeared. Each of these scales contained the power of a terrifying monster. I saw that the scales burst out and shot out a million tiny beams of light, which would be three hundred miles in radius. The world is shrouded.This is the lower ninth-rank magical skill of the Demon God Clan-Demon Scale Divine Light Off!

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