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The power of this magical technique is extremely astonishing. It can inspire blood in the body and become an ancestral god. Every shot contains a terrifying power. So far, very few can learn.

Jian\’er is right, it\’s useless to be afraid of the head and tail, and the group hasn\’t come out yet, the chance of encountering the demon\’s inability is not great. The second elder nodded slightly.No matter what, you must keep your lives as the prerequisite, and don\’t act recklessly. This time the test is different. It may be a multiplayer battle. Anything may happen. If you use the previous test to confront the enemy, That will bring you fatal danger, do you know? Ling Zhantian said solemnly.understood!Shanghai and Ling Xuan Jian hurriedly responded.Melee?For Shanghai, this temporary change of the test is even more interesting. Since the practice, the melee he has participated in has been!The place where the demons and gods are.Brother demon, this time is a godsend. Jin Yuqian couldn\’t keep his mouth shut after getting the new rules of the competition.It\’s hard for the spirit god bloodline to not hand over the spirit god blood. The eyes of the demon god clan master are filled with strange joy. For this spirit god bloodline, he has spent thousands of years, but he still has no chance to get it. , Now the opportunity finally comes.If it is the same as the previous rules of the test, the chance of encountering the spirit and spirit line is not great, but now there is at least a 50% chance.Not only the blood of the spirit god, but also the two boys, Shanghai and Lingxuanjian. They must be abolished. Without these two boys, the spirit god line is close to the people of Lingxuanhao, so why not do it? If something happens, the spirit and god line will gradually decline. I am afraid that the old man like Ling Zhantian would not have thought that this time the Hundred Clan Conference is the beginning of the decline of the spirit and god line… Jin Youqian\’s eyes flashed The ultimate hatred.soon!The new competition rules were known to everyone. It can be said that some people are happy and some are sad, but the descendants of the gods present can not change anything. After all, this is changed by the temple, and no one has the right to change it back except the!Even if he didn\’t accept it, he silently accepted the new rules to test.Everyone should be clear about the new test rules, then start grouping. The leading gold-level messenger stood up and pointed at the crystal of the gods casually.The crystal of the gods shot out three hundred light spots, and fell into the hands of the descendants of the gods who entered the third group is it?

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