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Chapter 18 request

。 Chapter 268 Baicheng reborn with the warehouse chapter 268 Baicheng Aunt Zhang Jia looked at her worthless daughter-in-law and was almost angry. She almost broke her good deed just now. Now she still wants someone else\’s key. Why doesn\’t she want someone else\’s house \”It\’s said that Wu\’s third daughter-in-law has thick skin. I think you have thicker skin than her. What people show me is the house. Do you still want to live in other people\’s house?\” Her sarcastic remarks made her daughter-in-law feel ashamed to enter the ground with a shame. She did not mean to go to live, or to ask two people to talk. Li Siyu naturally did not know. She was in the space, churning things up, cleaning up canned fruits, canned luncheon meat and high baijiu. But too many of them could not move, and could only slowly move out, and then began to clean up. Mark, destroy all the recognizable things. Li Siyu didn\’t clear out three boxes of things until more than twelve o\’clock. Seeing that so many things remained to be cleaned, she lay directly on the ground. \”How long will it take?\” Li Siyu complained for a while, and then put the three boxes of things she had cleaned out on the other side. After washing, she directly lay down in her nest and went to bed. She set the alarm clock so that she wouldn\’t get up late. At six o\’clock the next morning, Li Siyu got up, packed up and went to the railway station with a small bag on her back. This time, she brought bread buns, which was much more convenient. She carried the box I always feel very troublesome, so it\’s more comfortable to go home light. Without municipal help this time, she only bought a hard seat ticket. However, compared with going home soon, Li Siyu doesn\’t care where to sit. The hard seat area is much more lively than the sleeper. There are still people talking at night and can\’t sleep at all. Next to Li Siyu, there is a woman with children sitting at four in the morning She began to cry at a little later. She couldn\’t sleep well when she was sitting, which was even worse. She could sleep for two hours in the middle of the night, and her ears were buzzing at other times. Looking out of the window, Li Siyu felt that next time she would sit in a hard seat, she would be a dog. \”I want to eat steamed stuffed buns, I want to eat steamed stuffed buns.\”

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