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Shen Ling noticed that they put it on her, so she bowed her head and accelerated her speed.

She also knows that Li Siyu has graduated from junior high school and can be a secretary. He\’s lucky enough to go to the newspaper. Li Siyu: hehe. \”What he said has a nose and eyes. I\’m not very clear. I\’ll go to her tomorrow and test it.\” Feng Zhijie had a smile on his face, but his smile didn\’t reach the bottom of his eyes. Feng Suyuan didn\’t speak, but her face was very excited. As long as her second brother made a move, she wasn\’t afraid they wouldn\’t separate! After work, Lin Cheng was stopped as soon as he left the municipal gate. \”What are you doing?\” He frowned and looked at Feng Suyuan with impatience in his eyes. Feng Suyuan was stunned by his bad tone, but she couldn\’t stand it. She liked Lin Cheng. She could only endure the grievance and said, \”brother Lin, why did you come to work here and didn\’t tell me.\” \”tell you?\” Lin Cheng sneered and said, \”why do you want to tell you? Who are you?\” Feng Suyuan couldn\’t choke on his words, but she still stubbornly said, \”we grew up. Why are you doing this to me now?\” Lin Cheng supported a bicycle on one leg, looked at her sarcastically and said, \”when you play with Pei Zihao\’s feelings, how can you ignore that the three of us grew up?\” Referring to Pei Zihao, Feng Suyuan felt uncomfortable. She really failed Pei Zihao, but he volunteered to blame her. \”Lin Cheng, it was school time for me and him. Is it interesting to mention it now?\” Feng Suyuan stared at him angrily. Lin Cheng looked at her coldly and said: \”Is it interesting for you to come to me all day? I have clearly rejected you. Don\’t be shameless.\” After that, regardless of Feng Suyuan\’s red and purple face, he rode away directly. Feng Suyuan was indeed rejected by him, and lost her face in front of a group of young students. Lin Cheng rode his car and recalled that she dumped Pei Zihao and confessed to herself when she was in college. It not only embarrassed him, but also ended his brotherhood with Pei Zihao. He said I knew that Feng Suyuan liked him, but she was with Pei Zihao and came to see him again. How did he behave? Besides, Lin Cheng had no feelings for her. In the past, he thought that everyone grew up together and was just a child. Now come and ask him? Should anyone come and confess to him? Don\’t mention Lin Cheng\’s depression, Li Siyu When passing an alley, a man suddenly came out to stop her.

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