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Yes. the second-class maids nodded one after another, not daring to disobey. Although I don\’t know why mother Xia\’s first order was like this, they obeyed it.

Peng lingman smiled as if nothing had happened and said, \”I have a big appetite since I was a child, and I have great strength. I can do any heavy work regardless of how much I eat.\” Li Siyu: I can see it. Just now Peng lingman went to fetch water, one bucket in one hand, and he didn\’t spill it when walking. He didn\’t see it hard at all. But when you think about it, you don\’t eat much meat. If you are charming like sister Lin, you will really be full for nothing. After dinner, Li Siyu came out of Peng lingman\’s house and declined Peng lingman to send her. When she came here just now, she remembered the way. When she got out of the alley, she always stroked the main road without turning. \”It\’s not dark yet. Don\’t worry.\” Li Siyu said to her with a smile. Peng lingman looked at the sky. It was really dark for a long time, so he didn\’t insist on sending her. On the road, Li Siyu looked at the workers who had just come home from work or rushed to the night shift. She felt that there was no difference between this time and later generations. She was running around to fill her stomach. But now the pace of life is slow, but they don\’t have much time for entertainment except going to and from work every day. Adult married people are trying to make money, only those young people are walking the streets. You see, those boys are still blocking people. They are really young. Li Siyu looked at several people at the entrance of the alley and sighed. No matter what age, there are children who are full and support all day. At a glance, Li Siyu was stunned. Lin Cheng lay on the ground with blood on his face and closed his eyes. It seemed that he was faint. \”Stop it!\” Li Siyu shouted and immediately went back into the crowd, holding Lin Cheng\’s head to test his breath. Fortunately, it\’s no big deal. There\’s still breath.

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