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Hearing the speech, Empress Dowager Yang nodded and closed her eyes. She was old. After all, she felt a little tired every day and didn\’t want to eat.

The old lady waved her hand, \”I didn\’t wait for you. I just didn\’t feel enough. Have I eaten?\” \”well.\” the old lady nodded with a smile. When Li Chengcai came back in the afternoon, she told her that Li Siyu and Lin Cheng were dating. The old lady thinks that as long as Li Siyu feels good, she will definitely support it. As long as it\’s what her old girl likes, it doesn\’t matter. The old lady absolutely doesn\’t admit it. She helped herself. She didn\’t betray her daughter, absolutely not! The next day when Li Siyu went to work, he saw that the people who knew her in the mine were pointing at her. Separated from Li Chengcai and returned to the office, Zhang Xuewen had already arrived. \”Here comes Xiao Li.\” he greeted her with a smile. Li Siyu responded with a polite smile, \”deputy mine director Zhang came early today.\” Zhang Xuewen nodded, \”well, by the way?\” he thought of something and said, \”listen to the people in the mine, you have an object with the Lincheng Department of the grain processing plant?\” do you know? Li Siyu couldn\’t laugh or cry. \”Deputy director Zhang, I\’m not a big man. How can I be an object? It seems that people all over the world know it.\” when I arrived here just now, some people were talking about it, which made her wonder. Isn\’t it an object? Why do you say it one by one? Deputy mine director Zhang shook his head and said helplessly, \”Xiao Li, you don\’t know. Although Lin Cheng is the deputy director of the grain factory, his godfather is the mayor of spring city!\” Li Siyu\’s surprised little mouth is slightly open. Is he so good? \”He won\’t stop at a deputy factory director in the future. Young and promising, college students who graduated from famous universities can be said to be very capable.\” Zhang Xuewen has a lot of feelings in his heart. It\’s rare to see such capable and stable young people like Lincheng. \”That\’s right.\” Zhang Xuewen said again, \”that Chen Cuihua has been dismissed by me.\” Chen Cuihua?

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