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Hearing the speech, Shen Ling didn\’t say anything. On the stairs, Shen Xian knew that the bad in her heart had come true. She immediately turned pale and cold. But how could it be? Why did your majesty leave so many expensive girls and instead find Shen Ling, a girl from the countryside? She doesn\’t believe it.

Zhan Lingshui nodded: \”at the moment when I lived here for half a month, there are no beasts here. It\’s very safe. There is a small pool three miles ahead. We can settle there. There should be the cabin I built last time.\” \”Oh? And this kind of thing, that\’s the best.\” Fang Yang nodded and went on his way with Zhan Lingshui on his back. Although he could run outside without Xuanqi and soar in the sky, it was not difficult for several people to walk. At least he was a martial artist at the level of harmony between heaven and man. He was strong in physique, even if he had not been trained deliberately. The time of a useless tea passed in a flash, passing through the green onion After the green trees, they also saw the small pool in the Zhanling Shuikou, or the \”small pool\” No matter what the word is, the scope of this pool will not be connected with the small one. The boundless huge lake, illuminated by the scorching sun, glows with a slight soft light. It is very transparent, just like a huge mirror, dazzling. The water in the lake is clear. Looking at it, the reflection itself can make people have a feeling of inner clarity. And At this time, beside the lake, there is a small wooden house made of bamboo. \”You are so elegant that you still build a wooden house here.\” Fang Yang smiled. Zhan Lingshui blushed and calmed down: \”anyway, being idle is also idle.\” This place is a rare pure land for her in the past. In the past, when she was bored, she would come to this place alone and stay quietly for a few days to calm her mood. But now it is different. Since she has fallen out with the Longyuan Dynasty, although there are many troubles, she is also a good sigh of relief. \”Although the cultivation of Xuanqi is limited here, it does not prevent Xuanqi from recovering his wounds. Let\’s recuperate here for a while.\” Zhanling waterway. Fang Yang nodded, pushed away the cabin and went in. Although the cabin made of green bamboo felt simple, when he really pushed the door in, Fang Yang was amazed at the layout. Although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. There are not many things in the cabin, but everything in it is antique and full of peaceful life. Fang Yang put Zhan Lingshui on the only wooden bed. \”Can you regulate your breath? Do you want me to help you?\” Fang Yang asked.

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