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However, she soon reacted. After all, it was only one in ten thousand, and she soon sorted out her mood.

Fortunately, Fang Yang\’s reminder played a role. At the time of his exit, the fire fan and wind dance were Xuanqi running, wind and fire alternating, and the call was horizontal in front of him. At this time, the dark shadow also hit the wind and fire wall. Bang. The shadow was unable to sneak attack. It was blocked by the wind and fire wall and also flew away. \”Dare to sneak on us! Look for death!\” huofei\’s face was angry and his palm was filled with anger. He immediately wound around the dark shadow. His anger burst on the shadow without any obstruction, but what made the fire fly stunned was that when his anger touched the shadow, it burst and opened in an instant. He heard a bang. The fire was swirling, and the shadow was directly blown away. This scene made huofei dumbfounded immediately. \”What are you doing? I don\’t know who it is. Why do you work so hard!\” the fire fan frowned and shouted. Huofei looked innocent: \”I, I don\’t have it. I\’ll attack casually. Why is he so gone.\” he is really innocent. Huofei\’s strength is not very strong. Moreover, it was only his own fire attack before, without wind assistance, and it can\’t be much stronger again. It\’s reasonable to say that such an attack, unless it\’s an ordinary person with no strength to bind chickens, Otherwise, a warrior with a little foundation will only be seriously injured. But now, it\’s gone? \”That\’s not a person.\” Fang Yang suddenly opened his mouth. \”Not a person?\” the fire fan was stunned, and the rebuke words on his mouth swallowed back. \”It shouldn\’t be. Otherwise, even if the fire flies too hard and blows him apart, it should have a bloody smell.\” Feng dance sniffed her nose and said. Fang Yang stepped forward and stood in the place where the fire was flying and the fire was exploding. The spirit turned on the ground and looked strange: \”it seems that the so-called black soul tribe is indeed a bit strange. Just now it was not a human body, but there was a trace of the breath of the spirit.\” \”spirit?\” the four people were confused. Fang Yang didn\’t say anything more: \”let\’s go. The people in the black soul tribe must have found us just now. When we go out, we can see them.\” hearing this, the four people immediately showed vigilance. The black soul tribe didn\’t know how deep it was, but anyway, we can see some hostility from the previous dark shadow, It\’s also inevitable that they don\’t pay attention. So, several people took another step and walked out of the channel. After walking in the dark cave for so long, people thought they would see some sunny and beautiful scenery when they came out, but when they really walked out of the cave, what was reflected in their eyes was a valley covered with layers of thick black clouds. The whole valley was dense under the black clouds, giving people a sense of forest and cold. At this time, after the five of them came out, there were already a group of people standing here outside the cave. The crowd surged, and vigilant eyes stared at them.

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