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The Empress Dowager doesn\’t know when to call her sister into the palace again. She can also mention her sister more in the palace. Shen Xian said in a strange way.

The golden dragon card contains a magnificent dragon power. Once you can get this, with the help of the dragon power, it will greatly improve the martial arts. Therefore, the eagle nose man did not care about etiquette, righteousness and shame for his strength, but his behavior was really disgusting. Fang Yang looked at him with both tears and smiles. He was thick skinned or thick skinned. \”Do you want the golden dragon card?\” he raised his eyebrows and grabbed it with his right hand when the eagle nose man came to the body of the golden armor general. The golden dragon card hanging around the waist of the corpse was immediately caught by Fang Yang. As soon as the eagle nose man moved slowly, he smiled and said, \”yes, you can give it to me if you don\’t need it. Don\’t waste it.\” \”here, it\’s not impossible.\” Fang Yang weighed the dragon card in his hand. \”Really? Give it to me quickly!\” the man with a hooked nose was overjoyed. There was an uproar among several people around. Is Fang Yang Crazy? What virtue is this man with an eagle nose? Once the golden dragon card falls into his hands, won\’t he turn his face and refuse to recognize people? Without waiting for what they said, Fang Yang decisively threw the golden dragon card in his hand towards the eagle nose man. The man with a hooked nose was overjoyed. He is really a hairy boy. He actually handed over the golden dragon card. Once he has the help of this dragon card and refined the dragon power, his strength is not only several times enhanced, but also one of the best roles in wutianmeng! Thinking of this, he reached out and grabbed the dragon card with interest. Just as his finger was about to touch the dragon card, the accident happened suddenly. The original intact dragon card, Kaka, suddenly appeared several cracks. Just in front of him, the dragon card suddenly collapsed and opened. Then the Dragon roared, the sound vibrated, and the gorgeous golden light emerged, turning into a huge dragon with its head held high. The previous dragon card was like a yoke, and at this time, the Golden Dragon broke through the yoke and showed its divine power. The Dragon roared and shook, and the dragon power spread. In the middle of the roar, the whole man was swallowed up.

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