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After a while, a group of people came over. Shen Zong and Shen ran.

But Fang Yang felt something wrong when he waved the sword. He had a feeling of integrating the nine palace sword into his own flesh and blood. As soon as he waved it, an idea suddenly came to his mind. Can cut! When the sword light was cut off, the big Asura in front of him was like tofu. His head was cut off and flew up in an instant. Naturally, his immovable King seal was also broken in an instant. When Fang Yang was stunned, he made a decisive move and his wrist trembled slightly. The nine palace sword cut countless sword lights in a row. A confused sword shadow swept away. When Fang Yang received the sword and returned, the flesh and blood of the great Asura suddenly collapsed in front of him. Under Fang Yang\’s blade, he cut the body of great Asura into countless pieces! His flesh and blood defense can no longer help. Under Fang Yang\’s attack, the whole person is like a soft tofu. After cutting the body of the great Asura, Fang Yang turned his palm, Amethyst appeared in his hand and patted the body of the great Asura. A surge of suction suddenly appeared on the Amethyst. Even though the great Asura\’s flesh and blood were broken into pieces, he was still alive. He just wanted to condense evil Qi and recover his body, but when he felt this huge suction, he suddenly screamed and couldn\’t struggle at all, so he was absorbed by Amethyst. The black fog surged, and in the blink of an eye, the flesh and blood fragments of the great Asura also disappeared. The purple light on the Amethyst flashed and returned to peace. Great Asura, die! Fang Yang waved and put the Amethyst away again. Until then, the crowd behind him issued a series of cheers. All this happened between the electro-optic flint. It didn\’t take long from Fang Yang\’s appearance to the instant killing of the great Asura. When they saw the death of great Asura, they were surprised and looked at Fang Yang with increasing respect. One move! Although it was multiple sword chopping, Fang Yang only made one move! Under this move, he directly killed the previously powerful great Asura! What strength, what Kendo! Li mubai was surprised. Didn\’t Fang Yang just fight with his eyes? He should be deeply hurt, but now when he plays Kendo, it looks like he is hurt, but it is better than his best state! \”Hurry in!\” Li mubai reacted in a daze and quickly asked people to rush into the yin-yang immortal hall.

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