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Mother Zhao thought, really a wonderful person, and she had a thought in her heart.

It seems that Mu Shaohua, an old witch, has made great progress in her own dead wood and mysterious Qi. She can plunder the vitality of others at will for her own use and improve her cultivation. Her cultivation at this time must be above the intersection of dragons and tigers, and even gradually approaching the level of the unity of heaven and man. Such accomplishments, coupled with her arrogance of withered trees and mysterious Qi, Fang Yang was definitely not her opponent even in his heyday, let alone that his accomplishments are now exhausted. Once the fight is over, I\’m afraid it\’s hard to escape. Fang Yang has no power to escape. No matter how strong his body is and how fast he runs, he can\’t run faster than Xuanqi. Thinking of this, Fang Yang simply stayed where he was, looked at Mu Shaohua, raised his eyebrows and said, \”old witch, you\’ve been gone for a while, and you\’ve become more like a demon.\” hearing this, the sneer on Mu Shaohua\’s face instantly turned into the dark air of dead trees, and her voice screamed sharply: \”die!\” she stretched out her five fingers and grabbed Fang Yang, The dark air of gray dead wood flows in the palm and envelops Fang Yang. She stopped thinking about swallowing Fang Yang\’s vitality all the time and let the son disappear in front of him. At this time, she finally had such an opportunity. Naturally, she would not miss it. The dark Qi of dead wood shrouded him away. Fang Yang could not avoid it at all. He could only watch himself completely swallowed up by the dark Qi. \”Just a useless man, this time it depends on how you block my dead wood Xuanqi.\” Mu Shaohua sneered and almost regarded Fang Yang as a mortal. But under the circulation of her dead wood Xuanqi, when the Xuanqi dissipated, Mu Shaohua was surprised and his eyes suddenly opened. don\’t worry? In front of Fang Yang, he was still standing where he was. There was no Xuanqi flowing on his body, but he didn\’t suffer any trauma. How could it be?? Her despotic spirit of withered wood and Xuan Qi fought all the way down from the first floor of the nether passage. She had experimented with thousands of martial artists for a long time. Even if she was a martial artist with higher cultivation than her, there was only a dead end when withered wood and Xuan Qi entered the body. If it were not for all kinds of feedback, her cultivation would not improve so fast. But now, the unfavourable dark Qi of dead wood has failed for the first time. Mu Shaohua didn\’t believe in evil. His dark Qi came out again, and the gray cloud covered with dead Qi wrapped around Fang Yang again. She carefully manipulated it to let the dead wood dark Qi directly enter Fang Yang\’s body along Fang Yang\’s pore skin, devour his blood essence and viscera, and completely absorb his vitality. However, when the dark Qi of dead wood enters Fang Yang\’s body, it suddenly breaks the induction. Although we can clearly feel the dark Qi of dead trees rushing in, it has no effect. Fang Yang felt like a huge whirlpool to her. Whoever came did not refuse to devour his dead wood Xuanqi, and then refined the dead wood Xuanqi. The effect was no longer there. Thinking of this, Mu Shaohua showed a surprised look on his face. This son was able to ignore the power of his dead wood Xuanqi. Is there another breakthrough? She\’s a little skeptical about Fang Yang\’s saying that his accomplishments have been completely abolished. Even people with perfect accomplishments can\’t stop his own dark spirit of dead trees. Can a really abandoned boy stop it? Are you showing weakness? Deliberately seduce?

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