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Tao Dan covered her stomach and was embarrassed. She ate half of the more than 100 dumplings herself, and Li Siyu didn\’t eat much.

Fang Yang even smiled: \”the dragon in front of the real dragon is not much different from the mole ant. Break it for me!\” at the moment of the word \”break\”, Fang Yang\’s body suddenly erupted into a terrible wave, which was a momentum he had never shown before. The dragon\’s power vibrated, and the roar was more violent than the dragon\’s roar. The Dragon Qi flows in the body, and the real dragon\’s power emerges and surges! Boom! When the dragon who had rushed to Fang Yang felt the pressure, it suddenly burst open and turned into drops of water. Zhao Minghu was surprised: \”how did you do this?\” the dragon he condensed with the help of raindrops was not an empty thing, but the dragon bones he got when he got the rain clouds. It already had some real dragon meaning, but even if it didn\’t play a little, it collapsed. Is this son more powerful than the dragon? Zhao Minghu\’s mind turned and his face was cloudy and sunny. At this time, Fang Yang didn\’t want to waste time: \”if you don\’t have any means, it\’s for me!\” a blue light suddenly burst out in his palm while he was talking. The small cup was suspended in front, and Fang yangxuan Qi crossed into it. The blue light on the cup was making a big work, and the surging suction pulled the world. The water and gas scattered around seemed to be absorbed by something, and flowed one after another. All of them were taken away by the small cup. \”Four Seas cup!!\” the wandering ghost of Zhao Xian on the rain cloud almost bared his eyes when he saw this scene. What Fang Yang took out at this time was his most proud xuanbing! It\’s a four seas cup with purple texture! \”Ha ha, I still want to thank Mr. Zhao for his legacy.\” Fang Yang laughed. He didn\’t use the four seas cup very much. He just refined it a little. At this time, it\’s just to show off. It would be best if he could burst the spirit of Zhao Xian. However, it was obvious that he had not reached this point. After all the water and gas in the sky were absorbed, Fang Yang put away the Sihai cup. Then he moved with pure Yang Xuan Qi and shouted, \”eat my sword!\” the fire on the nine palace sword surged. With the help of the strong power of pure Yang Xuan Qi, he cut it out with a sword. \”Burning the sun sword formula!\” the burning sword Qi turned into a scorching sun, which seemed to run through the rain clouds in the air with the momentum of burning everything. Once the power of reaching Yang comes into contact with the cold rain cloud, even if the secret treasure is good, it will be directly torn in half by Fang Yang\’s sword Qi! The rain clouds here are the palace objects of Mingyue lake. Where can Zhao Minghu watch Fang Yang destroy, roar angrily, stop on the rain clouds, fly down directly and meet the fire sword with his own body.

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