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How brave is it for everyone to have 50 yuan a month?

When Liu Yan heard his words, he frowned, then looked coldly at Fang Yang: \”little brother, are you really going to make trouble in our building?\” \”hum.\” Fang Yang snorted coldly, \”make trouble? If you don\’t give me an explanation, what if you make a big noise?\” as soon as this came out, there was an uproar around. \”This boy is crazy.\” \”Just admit your mistake honestly, and dare to say such words in front of steward Liu. I really don\’t know how to write the word of death.\” \”young people, they are good leaders\” looked at Fang Yang one by one with regret or ridicule, and secretly said that the boy really had no eyesight. Liu Yan\’s face sank and his voice was a little angry when he heard this: \”Explain? What do we want to explain to you? If you don\’t tell us why you came, you can\’t go!\” as his anger spread, several guards behind him lined up in turn and stopped Fang Yang\’s retreat. Fang Yang looked calm, but he was happy and not afraid to see this scene. In a cold voice, \”do I know that the task in the management building can\’t be given to two sides by one?\” \”That\’s natural.\” Liu Yan replied flatly, \”except for some special tasks, as long as the deposit is delivered and the jade amulet is received, no second person can accept it within the specified time. This is the basic rule.\” \”just admit it. Then I\’d like to ask, why do I meet people holding the same task here?\” Fang Yang said, as like as two peas, he took out two jade strips in the storage ring, and then pat on the table. He looked at two identical pieces of work certificate jade Jane, and Liu Yan\’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Then he took the jade Jane and looked over it carefully. There were records of tasks and information in the jade certificates, and the time of taking and time limit. When he was there, he found that these two jade tablets were inside. The task is as like as two peas, but time is only a small difference. One morning, one night. When I see the things in my hand, Liu Yan\’s expression is sinking. \”Who is the task of arranging this, how can we do such things? Do we forget the rules in the building?\” While he was talking, his angry eyes also swept behind him. Needless to say, it must be the middle-aged man and the boy who caused the contradiction. The task voucher jade slips in the Guan building have a special smell in the Guan building, so they must not be fake. That means that the two jade slips were indeed distributed in the Guan building. Chapter 445 says that if you cut them, you will be killed When Fang Yang said these words in, the man\’s heart jumped and his secret way was bad. He also wondered secretly that another task voucher jade slip should not be in the hands of Captain Jia song of Chaimu palace. How could it fall to the boy. However, when he heard manager Liu\’s question, he couldn\’t think about it and said quickly: \”I did handle it, but I did it for a reason.\”

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