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As soon as she released her hand, the head hit the ground again.

\”Get away!\” Fang Yang reminded him behind him. The two men moved and galloped in the air, but before they could relax, they suddenly saw the action route of the rolling stone move, slammed into the rocks on one side, jumped up with the help of the anti earthquake force, and then followed Fang Yang and Shui qianrou in the air. \”That\’s ok?\” Fang Yang was neither laughing nor crying. This is not only on the ground, but also all kinds of rolling stone riots in the air. After Fang Yang dodged several times, he saw that these rolling stones had a posture of not having to spare. Immediately, the cold light in his eyes flashed, and the black water sword was in his hand. The sword Qi burst out and turned purple! The purple sword pierced through the body of a rolling rock pangolin that hit Fang Yang. It was only Fang Yang\’s invincible sharp sword that went down this time, but there was a bang. It just left a shallow white mark on the round rock. The body of the rolling rock pangolin was knocked out and fell to the ground, but it was not damaged at all. Fang Yang\’s face was startled: \”it\’s too scary outside this defense.\” this is the purple break of the house master who urged the nine turn power! The purple broken sword was originally sharp, amazing and invincible. It was enough to kill the martial arts at the peak of the empty hell realm. Although the rolling rock pangolin was a big demon in the early Yang realm, it should not be damaged at all. \”Is it because of the effect of dragon Qi?\” Fang Yang whispered. The big demons left in the ancient cave of Zhenlong have been nourished by the ancient dragon Qi, which is very different from the big demons outside. Under the nourishment of the ancient dragon Qi, the big demons in the ancient cave of the real dragon will not be suppressed by the dragon power. Moreover, the Dragon Qi penetrates between the flesh and blood, making their physical strength more terrible. The mysterious Qi they can use is also one of the dragon breath with a trace. I don\’t know how much stronger than the mysterious Qi painstakingly cultivated by ordinary martial artists in the early Yang. This group of rolling rock pangolins has a strong defense. Coupled with the role of ancient dragon Qi, the nine turn sword that can block the lower Yang is also normal. \”What should I do?\” Fang Yang frowned and looked at the rolling rock pangolins. There are hundreds of pangolins blocking this place. It\’s impossible to get rid of them and rush into the back directly. Fang Yang\’s mind turned and he was strong enough to carry the impact of rolling rock. He felt that his strength was extremely strong. Once he hit it, he even hit the protective Gang on the surface of the loose body, which was not much weaker than the full strength of the early martial artists in chuyang, Let Fang Yang also become more vigilant. As soon as he turned his eyes, shuiqianrou\’s condition over there was much better than that of Fang Yang. It was not that shuiqianrou\’s strength was so much stronger than Fang Yang\’s. it was actually her own mysterious Qi of water attribute and was good at overcoming hardness with softness. At this time, countless water flows blessed her. Every time there was a rolling rock hit, she would be blocked away with the help of the water flow grid. However, no rolling rock pangolin could get close to her. Seeing this scene, Fang Yang\’s eyes flashed and suddenly thought of something. He said to Shuiqian judo over there, \”qianrou, follow me! I hit that one, you hit that one, and use your cold water force.\” Shuiqian judo was stunned, and then nodded slightly to show that he knew. It happened that another huge rolling rock hit Fang Yang in front of him. He simply didn\’t dodge this time. He took advantage of the situation and took a palm. The fire in the palm was swirling, and the pure Yang Xuanqi just reached Yang ran out. Taiyuanshen fire palm!

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