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Zhang Xuewen went in and said, factory director Lin is very busy.

\”Eh?\” when Zhao Zhen found that the source of the breath was the elixir in the tripod furnace, he couldn\’t help but wonder. At the same time, he moved and disappeared from the cave. Miaohuofeng earth fire hall. Zhang he didn\’t expect that once Fang Yang\’s cauldron was opened, there would be a vision of heaven and earth. The red light penetrated the sky, and it took a few breath to gradually disappear. He was stunned. Finally, he woke up: \”what are you refining?!\” it was clear that Fang Yang was given inferior fire body pills. How could such a scene happen. The heaven and earth phenomenon is a scene that can only be seen when rare pills are produced. He has been in the alchemy room for a hundred years, but he has never seen such a scene before. Fang Yang also has a strange look on his face and murmured: \”with a trace of pure Yang, there is such an effect?\” although he knew that the fire body pill he refined was very different from ordinary pills, But I didn\’t expect such a significant improvement. Between the open cauldrons, ten red elixirs were as transparent as amber. The fragrance of the hall was emitted from the elixir, and there was a touch of red light in the elixir center, which was full of breath. The martial artists who watched around were also surprised when they saw this scene. \”What pill is this? This is the fire body pill?\” \”it\’s impossible. I haven\’t seen the fire body pill for 10000 or 8000. When does the fire body pill have such a smell?\” \”what a strong pure Yang and mysterious Qi. It\’s definitely a good thing.\” \”it was refined by this boy? How can it be! He just came to the alchemy room for a day.\” \”Don\’t look good. Who knows if there\’s anything strange in it. In case it\’s poison, who dares to take this thing without quality assurance?\” Everyone\’s opinions were different, and Xiang Yang\’s eyes became strange. Li Gui and Princess Longxiang over there were also stunned. They had come to see a good play, but they didn\’t expect such an amazing situation in the result. \”It\’s delicious.\” Princess Longxiang sniffed at the fragrance of the pill, and there was a strange smell in her bright eyes. When Li Gui looked at Fang Yang, he was looking at a freak. Is this boy lucky? \”Hum?! I asked you to refine the fire body pill. What did you refine?\” Zhang he said angrily, \”Do you think it\’s good that you refined it? The origin is unknown. It must be something that only sells looks and has no effect. What\’s the use of this pill? You just waste a piece of material, which is worth 50 points!\” Although the situation was somewhat unexpected, after waking up, Zhang he began to make trouble for Fang Yang according to the previous plan. For the sake of the boy\’s blood essence, we must suppress him well! Fang Yang frowned at the speech and said coldly, \”this is the fire body pill.\”

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