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The two whispered and discussed for a while, and finally exchanged a hundred kilograms of rice for a thousand kilograms of coal.

\”Even the mountain master\’s poisonous insects are useless. This boy is our nemesis. Stop fighting and run!\” Many martial artists panicked for a while, but they could not mention the slightest intention of war and fled in panic. When they fled, they were caught by the big demon statue and killed more than 20 people. In the end, the number of martial artists who managed to escape here was only more than 30, and there were many disabled diseases. Fang Yang was too lazy to chase them and met them one after another, and his dark Qi had been consumed long ago. \”I\’m really just passing by\” Fang Yang smiled bitterly, but now no one listened. Killing the two people and the four poisonous insects can only be said that Fang Yang was lucky. Many of his means were poisonous insects. These people didn\’t look at each other, but they provoked their own head, which was a pity for death. The hall was empty for a moment, and even the statue demon who had been chasing him for a long time seemed to have found another target Generally, Fang Yang chased those fleeing warriors into the corridor. After Fang Yang took a little breath and recovered some mysterious Qi, he got up and wanted to leave. He just moved and suddenly froze. It seems that he has missed something. Fang Yang\’s eyes looked aside. On the shabby sedan chair, the exquisite doll with silver hair and eyes still sat quietly, with a smile between his beautiful eyes A curious look is also seen on Fang Yang. Chapter 256 pure Yang smelts water. In the empty hall, lonely men and women live in the same room. Especially the woman is exquisite and gorgeous. At this time, she is staring at you with clear eyes. What do you think? This is a scene full of beautiful atmosphere. If this woman is not an expert at the peak of the empty and dark world. Fang Yang is surrounded by water Qianrou stares at him for a while. He has seen how powerful shuiqianrou is. Anyway, Fang Yang can\’t deal with it. Although the well water of the two people doesn\’t invade the river, who knows what taboos the martial artists at the peak of the empty and dark world have. Moreover, I heard that the women of Shuiyue mountain hate men most and catch many men as slaves on Shuiyue mountain. What if she thinks she\’s unhappy What to do? Just as Fang Yang was nervous and wanted to sneak away, Shui qianrou suddenly made a noise and spit out only one word: \”thank you\”. Fang Yang was stunned. She was thanking herself? Fang Yang looked at her and found that Shui qianrou was not in good condition at this time. He frowned and wondered. \”Nothing, they just provoked me.\” Fang Yang smiled. The hall immediately became silent. Shui qianrou was obviously not good at communication. After saying a word, she just stared at Fang Yang with a pair of silver eyes and didn\’t say a word. Fang Yang was neither left nor left by her. She smiled bitterly: \”are you all right?\”

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