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Li Siyu looked at him calmly, how do you know my name?

Fang Yang first put his eyes on the four people. After looking at them, he had a general understanding of their origins. It was inevitable that the blind boy was born in niansheng sect. The scar man was strong and powerful. He should be a martial artist in the Wuji Mountain Gate. As for the feminine man and the Faceless Man, it was still difficult to distinguish them clearly because of his unique moves. Hunyuan God\’s punishment is still very powerful. Although it was nothing under the attack of these four people, once they came into contact with ordinary martial artists, their own strength was revealed. I saw seven Hunyuan God\’s punishment people suddenly surround, and the seven people surrounded in a circle. The mysterious Qi on their bodies flowed and shouted straight into the sky. \”God punishes sky thunder!\” With the seven people drinking, the thunder swept away, and a huge thunder snake as strong as a jar roared and hit the crowd directly. The thunder and lightning danced wildly among the crowd and howled miserably. Under this thunder snake, more than 30 martial artists who focused on the territory immediately disappeared. Those who focused on the territory were miserable, and even those in the empty and dark territory dared not resist easily. I saw that under the thunder and lightning, the situation was disordered and shameless Yang suddenly roared: \”break their formation!\” then he swept the black sword in his hand, the sword Qi swept away, and the black Python hanged at random. Several Hunyuan God punished people who had just gathered together were rushed away immediately. The other three people received the man\’s cry, and they also fought one after another. The government soldiers punished by Hunyuan God were killed in scattered ways. \”God punished Tianlei\” It is the most powerful attack of the Hunyuan divine punishment force. At least seven people are combined, and at most 100 people can gather. They can control the power of thunder in heaven and earth. The combined power of seven people is enough to kill the martial artists in the empty and dark world. As for the use of 100 people together, it can only be seen in war. However, once their troops are rushed away, the \”divine punishment of heaven and thunder\” I can\’t use it anymore. Rao is so. The Hunyuan divine punishment force is also very powerful. You can\’t think of fighting one-on-one in the empty and dark world. After all, at the level where Chen Jiuyin is angry with each other, all the dispatched are elite fighters. Fang Yang is far away from the center of the war and stands with Qin Chuan. He glances around and sees Wang Chuwen and shameless \”Fang Yang\” It\’s hard to tell. Wang Chuwen is also one of the four guards. He has his own strength in the middle and later stages of the empty nether world. He is still very strong. However, apart from Wang Chuwen, other people can\’t have martial artists who can rival the other three. The three men of scar man are as powerful as broken bamboo. None of the martial artists they stare at can escape. The only one looks warm He\’s blind young man, under the protection of the gentle man\’s branches and vines, his mental and eye power is constantly exerted. Generally, he can destroy the soul of the martial arts in the empty and dark world. This time, the Hunyuan God punished only 30 people, just thinking of raiding and killing Fang Yang. But Wang Chuwen didn\’t expect that Fang Yang, who has always been alone, has so many real people around him A strong man? \”Fang Yang! Your sins are so great that you can\’t escape!\” Wang Chuwen burst into a rage, and his spirit of lion and tiger kept surging. Without face, \”Fang Yang\” didn\’t speak, but the sword spirit roared on the blade in his hand, which firmly restrained Wang Chuwen.

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