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Stop talking and find it for me quickly. It will be dark if you delay for a while.

Their accomplishments are also around the late stage of concentration. They are also at the upper level in Jinshan gate. Otherwise, they are not qualified to work behind tieshantong. But these two powerful disciples didn\’t even block Fang Yang\’s fist. Even after Fang Yang ate their fist strength, he just shook his body and stood safely without anything. \”Who the hell are you!\” iron mountain said in a deep voice. It seems that this person does not have the slightest background as Zhang Mengxian said. Dialect smiled coldly: \”you are not qualified to know.\” \”I am not qualified? Well, let me see what qualification you want to know your identity!\” tieshantong laughed angrily. \”No matter which sect disciple you are, I will crush your head directly in front of me tieshantong!\” he burst out, \”Jinshan is on the top!\” the golden mystery in tieshantong\’s palm runs wildly, Condensed into a huge golden palm print. Like a small hillside, the palm print hit Fang Yang\’s head directly. \”Fang Yang!\” Meng Qianxue exclaimed, worried. Previously, when she shot, she had experienced how strong tieshantong was! That strength can never be blocked by normal people. \”Just in time!\” Fang Yang\’s eyes were full of war. Tianyang Fire Dance! The pure Yang Xuan Qi was surging like a sea, swarming in Fang Yang\’s arms. The Xuan Qi turned wildly between his palms, and condensed into a pure Yang fireball compressed to the extreme in a moment. As Zhang Jin approached, the fireball in Fang Yang\’s hand also burst. Boom! The castle of Qingyun chamber of commerce at the foot trembled suddenly, vaguely like it was about to collapse. As for the second floor, it was affected, and the wooden cabinets, tables and chairs exploded layer by layer. Some martial artists who did not leave were forced to fly out with strong Qi, which was miserable. As for the center of the explosion, Fang Yang retreated three steps. The iron mountain in front of him was even more miserable. Fang Yang\’s Tianyang Fire Dance burst so badly that most of his strength collided with him. Even if tieshantong\’s body was tough, he also vomited blood under this huge explosion. The golden shoulder on his body exuded a faint golden awn. It was precisely because of the existence of this body protecting xuanbing that he did not suffer fatal trauma. Iron mountain at the same time, there was no arrogance on his face, showing a trace of fear. \”This guy\’s flesh is too strong.\” if it\’s just high strength, it\’s nothing, but Fang Yang\’s flesh is much stronger than himself! How is this possible? I\’m a Jinshan sect disciple who is good at refining my body!

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