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He frowned and said anxiously, I\’m deputy factory director Zhang Xuewen. You go to a meeting with me, go now and take your pen.

The master\’s temperament of the old man is absolutely no worse than the soul of the so-called Tianfu yuan God Fang Yang saw in Bailing city! Especially in the old man, Fang Yang felt a sense of danger. The old man\’s master style is too strong. The other party is a soul body, but Fang Yang estimated that most of this person was a peerless expert before he died! He gently shook his head, and Fang Yang said in a voice: \”it\’s not me.\” \”hum, it\’s not you?\” hearing the speech, the old man snorted coldly, his eyes were cold, looked at the dark stone below, and said in a voice: \”then why are the natural fruits of our Duan family here?\” \”natural fruits?\” his eyebrows wrinkled, Fang Yang was a little confused, and he didn\’t know what the other party was talking about, Even if Fang Yang searched the memory in his mind, he didn\’t find any information about the fruit of creation. \”Hum, do you want to explain? Just now I wanted to break the border I left behind.\” the old man said coldly, with a cold and amazing murderous spirit in his voice. Feeling the murderous spirit, Fang Yang\’s heart beat faster immediately. The strength of the soul body can\’t be seen through, and the old man looks like an expert. His style is no worse than that of the heavenly yuan God. If the other party has such strength, once he shoots at himself, won\’t he be dead? For a moment, Fang Yang felt very depressed. He thought he was lucky and picked up a lot of treasures. Why did he suddenly kill himself? \”However, I\’m very puzzled. With your strength, how can you directly break the border I left to the last layer and directly summon me out? It\’s really strange.\” while Fang Yang was thinking, the old man suddenly said, with a trace of doubt in his eyes. Fang Yang was in a fog. \”Hum, anyway, since you have moved your mind about our Duan family\’s things, you can\’t stay!\” suddenly, the old man snorted coldly, his eyes flashed a murderous opportunity, his palm trembled, and a vast force of soul had gathered on his palm. Seeing this, Fang Yang\’s face changed greatly. The old man said he would do it. When he did it, the old man showed his master posture, raised his hands and feet, and had the style of a peerless master! \”Whoosh!\” a fine awn transformed by the power of the soul shot out immediately. Fang Yang was just stunned. Now he came back and had no time to dodge. The power of the soul had approached Fang Yang\’s chest. \”Am I going to die?\” a word suddenly rose in his heart. Fang Yang murmured to himself. Fang Yang didn\’t expect that things would come to this point. It can be said that it was a disaster from heaven! \”Boom!\” before Fang Yang\’s second thought, the power of the soul had hit Fang Yang\’s body. In an instant, the power of the soul spread and began to fluctuate around Fang Yang\’s whole body

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