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Li Siyu nodded, I won\’t be polite.

Chapter 659 vigilance All the way to pick up people to save people, Jane Xi even experienced two times of demon cultivation to destroy a small family and clan. When she arrived, those crazy demon cultivation had slaughtered most of them, including the elderly, women and children. No matter who they saw, they killed everyone. There was no humanity at all. This time, Jane Xi\’s heart was completely cold. Kill those who should be killed, those family children and sect disciples rescued, see that the enemies of those who killed their relatives and teachers were killed by a female nun who looks like an immortal, and see her surpass those residual souls. The Sutra of chaodu has spread all over the continent. At this time, all the living people joined the ranks and watched the souls of their loved ones leave the world peacefully and calmly. Everyone burst into tears. Jane Xi, who wanted to leave, found that there were a large number of followers behind her. With their consent, these people entered Xiyuan star and started their life again. They all became residents of Xiyuan star and established the first clan and family among the residents of Xiyuan star. Although Jane Xi has tried her best to get back to the sect door as soon as possible, it took her a lot of time to return to xuantianzong because of all kinds of fighting against injustice and picking up people along the way. At this time, xuantianzong had closed the mountain gate, and the mountain protection array had been opened. Every disciple in and out had been subjected to the strictest scrutiny. Jian Xi looked at the door in a very tense atmosphere and couldn\’t help being infected. After learning that Jian Xi came back, he was also the only disciple who did not have to go through the review of demon cultivation and entered the sect. Along the way, I got the awe and worship of many disciples passing by the sect. I was so sorry that I was strange all over, but it was OK. All the way back. \”Sister Jianxi\” gave a charming cry, which made Jianxi stop and stop in the air. When she turned her head, it was the purple kite that had been giving her a headache. Jane took another look at the woman who had been pestering her. Her intuition was that it would not be good for the woman to approach her, but she didn\’t find anything from her. Although I heard. She often went out to practice something, and her talent is good. Now she has even reached the late stage of out of body. But it\’s not enough for a pervert like Jane Xi. Looking at her robe, Jane Xi saw that it was already the standard dress of the core disciples. When did she become a core disciple? Did you go out for three years? Jane likes to come and go, counting all the time. She has been away from her family for more than three years. I didn\’t expect that this woman, who was only an inner disciple when she left, has now become a core disciple. However, she doesn\’t know which elder she worshipped. But that\’s not what she should care about. As long as it\’s not under Li Zhiyu\’s door, don\’t see her all day and disgust her. \”What\’s the matter?\” Jane replied coldly. Already a Mahayana friar, she has a strong smell of the superior. Ziyuan is probably not used to such Jane Xi. Stunned, he woke up like a dream and said with a sweet smile, \”master, let me meet you!\” \”What? What did you say?\” Jane suspected that she had heard wrong. \”The master asked me to meet the elder martial sister. I\’m his new apprentice!\” Ziyuan answered innocently with her big round eyes. Jane Xi can\’t see anything, but she still keeps a distance from her. For no reason, because of the subconscious sense of crisis in her heart, Ziyuan doesn\’t know whether it\’s a real junior sister, but she always feels something wrong. Her cultivation is much higher than Ziyuan. She\’s not afraid of her sneak attack on force, but she should be more careful about other conspiracies. Ziyuan wanted to hold Jianxi\’s arm, but Jianxi had not only experienced such a small movement, so she dodged and gave way, coldly reiterated: \”I don\’t care if you are a new apprentice of Shifu, I don\’t need you to lead the way, and I\’m not familiar with you. Please don\’t be too close to me. I don\’t like being too close to you.\”.

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