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Li Siyu was so generous that everyone was surprised.

This is Qi Jiekang, the third childe of the magic gate. He is 24 years old. If he wasn\’t an alchemist, he would have entered the secret realm this time. He is a genius of the magic gate. He is very powerful! long linger smiled and introduced Qi Jiekang to Jian Xi. The tone also brought out a little pride and sweetness. Jane Xi smiled and said, \”my name is Jane Xi. It\’s nice to meet you. Qijie Daoyou\” was helpless again. She could only smile and nod at qijiekang and bow to him. She felt that she lifted him too high. Shake hands. That\’s the etiquette of the earth. She won\’t, even if she will. She won\’t do it, no why. Always feel this etiquette in the bottom of my heart and degrade myself for no reason. So. I can only nod. It\’s a greeting. Qi Jiekang didn\’t think so. He smiled and replied faintly, \”I\’m lucky to know Jian Daoyou. Linger\’s friends are really extraordinary.\”. While agreeing to Jane Xi, he also boasted about long ling\’er, which made long ling\’er look more happy. \”This is also my good friend, the saint of Xuannv palace. Wan\’er, the successor of Xuannv palace in the future, is called Wan\’er fairy by people outside. How beautiful is it?\” long linger proudly introduces Wan\’er. Jian Xi feels that long linger seems to have the tendency of being a member of the appearance Association? \”Wan\’er fairy is really beautiful, and Jane Xi is very happy to meet the beauty.\” Jane Xi nodded and smiled at Wan\’er with a smile. She looked very sincere and wouldn\’t make people feel false. However, she did think Wan\’er\’s appearance was really beautiful and recognized the excellence of the same sex. Jane Xi didn\’t feel any pain. She was not a jealous person, Jealousy will only make a woman ugly and irrational. She won\’t do such a stupid thing. \”Jian Daoyou is also unparalleled, ethereal and beautiful, which makes Wan\’er really ashamed. Wan\’er is really happy to know such an outstanding Daoyou.\” Wan\’er also replied with a simple but sincere smile and answer. When Jane Xi observes others, others are also observing her. Wan\’er\’s first impression of Jane Xi is also good. Although she has just met, this first impression determines her future contacts. At least this acquaintance is very satisfactory. After saying goodbye to long linger, Jian Xi turned and walked towards Dan Yunzi. Along the way, it attracted a lot of attention. Of course, it meant everything. Some are very magnanimous and appreciative, some are very ambiguous and meaningful, some are with a trace of amazement and admiration, and others are naked naked naked desire. Of course, Jane Xi will not take care of or can\’t take care of it. She doesn\’t have a strong backstage and won\’t let these people worry about it, so she can only bear it. Anyway, her eyes can\’t kill people. Let them see it if you want to see it. Jane Xi came to danyunzi quietly and said, \”master danyunzi, Jane Xi is back.\”. \”Well, just come back\” Dan Yunzi\’s eyes were full of relief. \”What should Jane Xi do next?\” Jane Xi looked at the people around her. She found that there were many fewer people, such as Gu Meimei and others. Of course, others didn\’t know how Gu Meimei died, but Jane Xi knew in her heart that this woman deserved to die. For example, Tai Yinjian and Jian Xi watched him be killed. \”You stand next to me first. We have a hundred people back, but there are only 43 left. More than half of them didn\’t come out. They suffered a heavy loss!\” Dan Yunzi said with a helpless wry smile. In every secret land trip, the proportion of people lost in the low-level mainland is much higher than the proportion of total people lost. Why? The first reason is that the number of people from the lower mainland is the least, which is not as good as the number of people from a sect in the higher mainland. In addition, among these 100 people, they can\’t unite as one, the good and bad are intermingled, and they can\’t advance and retreat together. Moreover, he heard that there are evil practitioners mixed in this time. He dare not say that there are no such people in his 100 people, so it\’s good to have these people left. However, Jane was lucky to be back. When Jian Xi and others left the valley, the crowd dispersed and turned in the elixir in exchange for the corresponding reward and reward. Some people were extremely happy and some were dejected. They didn\’t know that it was a lucky thing to come out of it. In any case, the people who harvest the least actually earn a lot. The so-called loss is only relative to those who harvest a lot. Finally, they also rated the top three of the turned in elixirs, and all received envious rewards. Jane Xi didn\’t do that. She just turned in some level 5, level 6 and individual level 7 miraculous drugs in exchange for some points and holy stones. Level 7 elixir. She also picked up two varieties that she could grow and harvest more. One of them took out one plant, which was a little less sincere in the whole team. Among the more than 4000 people who came out, Jane had to rank after 3500 or 600 in terms of ranking. However, in terms of Jian Xi\’s late strength of Jindan, this harvest complements each other.

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