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The old lady\’s eyes lit up when she saw the things brought by Li Siyu.

However, the rules are set like this, but these talented disciples who have determined that they must enter the sect, which sect to choose or be selected has once again aroused controversy. The top ten sects and five families. People in the family only take their own blood disciples, while the top ten sects choose and allocate talents regardless of style, but everyone wants excellent disciples. The next step is that a representative of each sect introduces its characteristics and advantages. Of course, there are disadvantages, but no one will say it. These or elders from all sects did not expect that the overall quality of the disciples from Shenzhou would be so high. They didn\’t make much preparation in advance, but the result made their blood boil. One by one, they are ready to show their sect\’s advantages. Our Dan Ding sect is a large sect mainly engaged in alchemy. It is one of the top ten sects in Dehua mainland. As long as you enter the sect, the supply of Dan medicine is a huge advantage. You can also escort talents in this field. Moreover, Dan medicine is also an essential part of cultivation. Each Alchemist is the most precious wealth in the mainland, As long as you enter our Danting sect, as long as the spiritual roots do not collide, you will have the opportunity to become an alchemist and a respected person on the mainland. Therefore, it is your wisest choice to come to our Danting sect. Yu Chunyang of the Danding sect smiled and stroked his beard. At the same time, his eyes constantly scanned the faces of prospective disciples concentrated on the stone platform. Seeing that everyone was quiet, I also understood that he was the first to play and could not expect them to make a decision immediately, so I was not surprised and staggered back to my seat. At the next moment, another glowing old man also came to the front of these quasi friars and said with a smile: \”Chunyang old friend, you are good at Danding sect, and our ware sect is no worse than you. Refining ware is also an indispensable partner on the way to practice, and the refining master is also respected by Taoist friends from all walks of life.\” Hong qianzu\’s loud voice resounded through the whole square, and the purple red Taoist gift bag, Hu Lala, who was blown by the wind, turned his eyes when he was in high spirits. Then Taibai Jianzong, Qianji Pavilion, Xuannv palace, beast sect, Binghan palace, puppet sect and Qinghong tower came out one by one to explain the characteristics and advantages of their sect. Try your best to attract these talented disciples to join, so as to add some fresh and promising blood to your sect. Until the people of the nine sects finished their impromptu sales speech, guixincheng, a member of haoyimen, stood up, dressed in a green Taoist robe, with a face of more than 40 years old and elegant. \”Ladies and gentlemen, now all the top ten sects in Dehua are gathered here for the sake of you monks from Shenzhou. Our top ten sects, that is, what people call\” one gate, one floor, one Pavilion, two palaces, two sects and three sects \”, although most of them are not from Shenzhou, Guixin city is a real and native Shenzhou people Hehe, I was only in my twenties when I came to the land of xuanqiu star Dehua, but now, hahaha, I am old and more than a thousand years old. In order to see you young people from my hometown again, my old man went out in person. Your little dolls are of excellent quality, but they earn us a face in Shenzhou. It\’s not your fault that you have low accomplishments. It\’s really difficult for you to cultivate to the present level in such a difficult cultivation environment. However, just because of this, your foundation is much more solid than that of monks with the same accomplishments. Some people estimate that it has been decades or even hundreds of years since the foundation period was fully completed? Your foundation has been compacted too perfectly, only To give you a golden pill, your accomplishments will increase at an amazing rate. What we haoyimen do is to strive to give you the best resources and environment. No matter what aspect, we will strive to do better. Here, you will also come to my old man for personal guidance. If you are a disciple of yilinggen, you will become a core disciple at the beginning, while if you are a disciple of Shan Linggen, you will become a true disciple at the beginning. You can become an inner disciple if you have both spiritual roots and the affinity of the main spiritual roots is above \’9\’. Of course, there are some restrictions. For example, your status is only five years, and if you have no great accomplishments within five years With the increase of the range, your preferential treatment will be cancelled and will be reduced by one level. The core will be reduced to true biography, true biography will be reduced to inner gate, inner gate will be reduced to outer gate, and so on. \” \”I can\’t exaggerate everything to be imperfect, but I will try my best. At the same time, status and resources can only be maintained and continued through your efforts, so I can say realistically: as long as you really practice, work hard and take haoyimen as your home, haoyimen will never treat you badly. OK, I have finished what I want to say. I\’ll leave you some time to think about it. After half an hour, start your decisions and requirements. \”Guixincheng said, turned back to his seat and sat down without speaking. Chapter 320 selection The old man who presided over the stage once again appeared in the middle of the stone platform and said to more than 5000 people below: \”You guys, don\’t worry. Although you can\’t become internal disciples, you can become external or registered disciples of the sect. Now the elders in charge of this matter of the top ten sects are here. The opportunity can\’t be missed and the time won\’t come again, so you have to hurry up when you choose a sect. If you don\’t choose, it doesn\’t matter. Except those with families, you can automatically turn to casual cultivation. I We don\’t make mandatory decisions, including the geniuses on stage. \” While the old man was talking, he glanced at the powerful people on the stage who might be powerful in the future, then stared at the people below, and then said a word, which can be regarded as a guide for all these people. The old man said: \”Of course, one more thing to add is that even if you choose a sect, you have to make a choice about whether it is suitable or not. For example, the Danding sect is not suitable for Jin Linggen or friars with Jin Linggen as the main, but he is very suitable for the Qi sect and the Taibai sword sect, while the fire wood, water wood and civil engineering are very suitable for the Danding sect, especially the fire wood spirit Monk gen, I suggest you think more about the Danding sect at this time. If you have some expertise in beast control, or like monks in this field, you can also choose beast control gate. Female friars can give priority to Xuannv palace. Friars who like to arrange some mechanisms and arrays can choose Qianji Pavilion. Some friars who have some talents and expertise in assassination can choose Qinghong tower. Friars who like to make puppets can choose puppet gate. Friars with shuilinggen or mainly shuilinggen can choose Binghan Palace first. Ice strange Linggen is the most suitable for this Haoyi sect is a sect with top-level skills and can comprehensively support disciples. It can rise to the top of Dehua mainland and stand for thousands of years. Its inside information is not what ordinary sects can achieve. Well, I\’ve taken a lot of time to introduce various sects. It also gives you a reference. Of course, you have to take your own ideas, including everyone on and off the stage \”. Wei Tong stood beside Guixin city and said, \”Uncle GUI, which of these talented disciples do you like?\”

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