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Li Chengcai knew that every time her sister-in-law went to her second sister-in-law\’s house, she would take a lot of things home, but this time there were more.

Right now. Not only herself, but also those elders looked at the four children. There was a trace of imperceptible envy in their eyes. Today, Wang Mingfu just called the four families, Xinyu family and cangjun. There are three members of Jian Xi\’s family and five members of Ruo men\’s family. Of course, Grandpa and grandma Qu are also among them, as well as Wu Jingyuan\’s family. There are two of them, a total of 17. There are two dining rooms at home, a Chinese round table and a Western strip table. Usually two people eat, plus the employed aunts and drivers, there are only five or six people, so they usually eat at the long table of the six person table. And his family also has a big dining room, which is prepared for guests. It\’s a round table with a turntable in the middle. This table top is medium-sized. If there are many guests, there is a large table top in the warehouse. Even if there are few medium-sized tables, you can seat 18 people. Now there are 14 people, of course, more than enough. The food was one of the chefs and his assistant invited from the most famous baiweiju in J city. The aunt invited to help with the chores and renovated the delicacies on this big table, which made Wu Songnian joke that Wang Mingfu was a big hand! Several families are already too familiar to be familiar, so there is no polite talk on the dinner table. We can eat and talk at will. We haven\’t been so relaxed for a long time. \”The college entrance examination will take place in more than a month, and we are about to become college students. We really look forward to the campus of the University!\” if the man holds his heart and looks up 45 degrees, his eyes are full of longing. \”By the way, I heard that Tianhao jumped the grade just like us and participated in the college entrance examination this year.\” Xin Wei said vaguely while chewing braised meat. \”Well, yes, he heard that after we took part in this year\’s college entrance examination, we couldn\’t stay and were in a hurry to jump the grade. However, it\’s easier for him to say that it\’s also a home battle. Moreover, the score line of local students recruited by Beijing University is much lower than ours. With his intelligence, it should be no problem,\” Xinyu also said. \”That\’s right. Alas, the same college entrance examination graduates, why do other people\’s admission scores are so much lower than ours? To know the gap, how many students have to stay up late at night and how many students have to sleep less than two hours a day! If the same people have different lives, who makes us not born in Beijing?\” if the man leaves his delicate apricot mouth, Swallow the food in your mouth and say it in a crisp voice. \”If we are the same as the score line in the capital, Yuanyuan can jump the grade with us. It\’s a pity!\” Xinwei also said. \”Hey, I didn\’t expect that. If you want to think of it, just ask my father to drop my account in the capital, and then I\’ll go to senior three with you. Unfortunately, it\’s too late to say anything. Now even if my account can fall, it\’s difficult for me to keep up with your progress!\” Yuanyuan lamented sadly. \”What are you afraid of? Four years of college? We can\’t accompany you for those three years! Don\’t worry, you won\’t be lonely. However, are you sure you\’ll go to Beijing University when you take the college entrance examination?\” Jane Xi also said interestingly. \”Well, when you go to Beijing University, why do you want to leave me? I was in the key class and the key class in primary school when I was a child. It was a little better. At that time, I was a little happy and I was not so nervous about learning. However, in junior high school and senior high school, I was still in the key class. Every student was a learning bully, and the teacher was the same. I learned, learned and learned every day. I didn\’t even have a real friend. Since then After I met you, I realized what is classmate, friendship and good friend. I like each of you. I cherish it very much. Therefore, you must not have the idea of leaving me. Otherwise, hum, when I get to Beijing University, I\’ll see how I can clean you up, \”Yuanyuan said after drinking a drink. \”What\’s the matter? What do you want to do to us? Just your little arms and legs, you will be bullied by us at that time,\” Xin Yu said with a sullen smile. \”What do you mean by small arms and legs? I\’m good at catching it. Now it\’s 1.68 meters. Girls are not short. Besides, I also have a certain force value. Although I\’m not as good as you, I\’m not only a little better than those who learn Taekwondo, but also worse than you perverts. But now there are some like you What kind of Freak is still a collective freak? Alas, I think I\’m going in your direction now, \”said Yuanyuan bitterly. She is also worried that she is a five spiritual roots. Yes, since Jane Xi\’s actions in the Fang family, Yuanyuan is also one of the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, her qualification is very poor. She has only five spiritual roots. Although she can practice, it is quite difficult, Jian Xi specially prepared a set of skills for her. Although the skills can only be practiced before the golden elixir period, they have the strange derivable function in chaos formula, which makes the level of the skills not low and belongs to the top-grade skills. Due to their strong pertinence, Yuanyuan is much easier to practice, but her qualification is really poor, Even if they started similar to Ruo men, and their aura is too thin now, even if they have learned the spirit gathering array and have the help of a small spirit gathering array every day, they are only refining Qi at present. Although Jian Xi didn\’t give yuan and Fang, and each family left only three marrow washing pills and building foundation pills, she had one for each of her good friends, and all the marrow washing pills in her hand had been consumed, and she had to save some use. The remaining 20 pills were prepared for relatives and friends around her, so she didn\’t dare to consume any more. Although she has the elixir of these elixirs, the miraculous medicine is not complete. All her miraculous medicine is only obtained in Fang Huaiyu\’s cave. Although the medicine is more than a thousand years old, there are not many varieties. There are only a few miraculous medicines in these two elixirs, which is too much worse. First, she doesn\’t have the spiritual medicine to refine the elixir. Second, she can\’t refine the elixir now. Although the fire control technique has been quite proficient and has reached a subtle level, Jane Nan has also told her that now she can start learning to refine the elixir, but she doesn\’t intend to start learning to refine before the college entrance examination, because she is restless. Let\’s wait until the end of the college entrance examination. Besides, Yuanyuan, even with the marrow washing of Jianxi\’s marrow washing pill, most of the impurities in her body are removed, and she is more delicate and flexible, but she still can\’t compare with Ruo Nan and Xinwei in the speed of cultivation, so it makes her very distressed and depressed.

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