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Where have you been? I haven\’t seen you all afternoon? Li Si Nong said with some bitterness.

Because the cultivation of the four old people is still very low and it is not time to practice magic, they can practice at home. Jian Xi also arranged a slightly larger and more complex gathering array at home with the remaining jadeite. Because it is not as big as Xinyu\’s house, the remaining jadeite is enough. However, Jian Xi thinks about when to gamble on the second stone, because she has no inventory. Xinyu and Jianxi led the God of war to the old place in the barren mountain in the western suburbs as usual. They each occupied a corner. When they drove lightly, they were placed in a triangular shape and began to cultivate themselves. Jianxi held the blue stone in his hand. Yes, today he is going to hit the \”aquatic\” stage. Xinyu Zeduan sat in the center of the small gathering spirit array and calmed down slowly until he calmed down completely, and then began the operation of Xiaozhou. He also decided to start attacking the high level of gas refining today, that is, the seventh level of gas refining. The God of war is still the same as before. His bones and muscles are moving regularly. His head is facing the night sky and is constantly huffing and puffing. Everything is still the same. He doesn\’t have the idea of today\’s Jin level monster, because it\’s still early. At the same time, J city also welcomed the first batch of uninvited guests Chapter 105 what a big change ps: Thank you for your appreciation from fantasy paradise, Kam Mu min and clearing my heart. Youyou will make further efforts – (^ – ^) At this time, Xinyu\’s spiritual power surged and flowed rapidly through the meridians. Every day, the flood of spiritual power became stronger. The meridians swelled in circles under the impact of the rapid spiritual power. When they could break, they were repaired by the spiritual power. So they gradually became stronger and stronger. The prohibition of the seventh layer of Qi refining seemed to be loose, and Xinyu dared not relax at all, Concentrate all your mental strength and start to impact. A wave passes. If you don\’t succeed, come again. Waves of children hit the level of the seventh floor. Each impact would make his meridians experience a tearing pain, but he didn\’t dare to stop. He was afraid to miss this opportunity. He didn\’t know when there would be such an opportunity to advance. So Xinyu gritted his teeth, his face was twisted, and the aura in the small gathering spirit array rushed frantically to his body. It seemed that there was not enough. He barely maintained the impact. Finally, at the moment when his aura was about to disappear, Xinyu suddenly felt that the aura seemed to have found an outlet to vent, and ran like a flood, Xinyu felt that several more meridians had been opened, and the operation was more thorough and endless. His divine consciousness had reached 100 meters away, and every plant, dust and sand within 100 meters seemed to be very clear in the dark night. His bones trembled and made a loud noise, which made Xinyu want to roar, But he hurriedly stopped and looked around. He almost forgot that there was Jian Xi and the God of war in cultivation nearby. After the Jin rank, he felt relaxed and sat up again to consolidate the cultivation of the Jin rank. On Jane Xi\’s side, only a little bit of the blue stone was left in her hand. The surging water attribute spiritual power continuously entered the internal meridians, mixed with the power of stars and stars, and grew stronger and stronger week by week. Until then, when the blue stone was almost powdered, Jane Xi finally felt that her savings were enough and began to impact her kidneys. It may be that Jian Xi was well prepared and didn\’t encounter a big bottleneck. He just blocked it a little and \”roared\” into the kidney. When it flowed out again, it had become a blue pure water spiritual power, which was similar to the cyan wood spiritual power flowing out of the liver, the red fire spiritual power flowing out of the heart, the golden metal spiritual power flowing out of the lungs The earthy yellow earth attribute spiritual power flowing out of the spleen converges into the Dantian from their respective meridians, forming a colorful spiritual power group, which is rotating rapidly. However, the blue spirit power was slightly weaker, and the outside of the colorful spirit power group was wrapped with a layer of pure non attribute spirit with the same rotation. At this time, Dantian suddenly doubled. The crack on the nearly broken Dantian wall was repaired in an instant. At this time, Xinyu and the God of war were awakened by a vision. The figure of Jian Xi sitting in their pupils had been wrapped tightly by a huge colorful cocoon, and it could be seen that there was still a person sitting inside. The power of the stars in the sky converged into a beam visible to the naked eye. Into this light cocoon, endless. The cocoon grew bigger and bigger, and spread to more than Zhang. Although there was still a distance from Xinyu and the God of war, they couldn\’t help retreating, afraid of affecting Jian Xi. The power of the stars is still pouring in. Fortunately, it was in the barren mountains at this time, otherwise it had to cause uproar. Jian Xi, who is in the light cocoon, has gathered the five elements since then. The whole person has entered a very mysterious realm. When she is not clear, the Golden Lotus tattoo on her chest, which is almost forgotten by her, also shines with colorful light, and the Golden Lotus ring on her hand also shines with dazzling colorful light, which is gathered with the colorful cocoon wrapped outside her body. With the power of a steady stream of stars, it quickly flows to Jianxi\’s sea of knowledge. The colorful light group entering the sea of knowledge rapidly rotates in the sea of knowledge, forming a vortex, which is involved in more colorful light groups. At the moment, Jane Xi has no own thinking, no thinking, and only colorful colors and mysterious feelings in her consciousness.

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