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She pulled it, found a bag of chicken cake and gave it to one half of the grandchildren. Li Siyu took it all, and then put it away.

Eighty kinds of imperial patterns are intertwined, and they are gathered together. These forces are beyond ordinary people\’s imagination, and even Shanghai has felt the fatal impact.In an instant, the power of the 80 emperor patterns engulfed the first demon emperor Zheyu, and even the entire supreme realm trembles, and then the aura of the first demon emperor Zheyu became weaker and weaker, until the end It disappeared slowly.The first demon emperor Zhe Yu is nothing more than that.The main chess is dead, then wait to see who has the opportunity to compete for the main chess position. All the reincarnation bodies of the god emperor present smiled.This blow was a combination of the power of 80 reincarnation bodies of god emperors. Although they did not reach the peak at the moment, the lowest of them all recovered to 90%. This power merged together, even if the true supreme was at the peak. The period cannot be shaken either.Shanghai still has a dignified face, because he always feels a sense of anxiety, the domain of the supreme still exists, if the first demon emperor Yu is so easy to die, the supreme Longxie would have killed it long ago, why wait until now.suddenly!Dense black awns appeared in the Supreme Realm. These black awns were extremely dark and contained the palpitation of the true dragon\’s might. The silent black light shuttled through the realm of the supreme. The reincarnated god emperors present, their expressions changed drastically, and they quickly waved all their strength to resist.However, the power of resistance, under the black light, didn\’t play any role, and I could only watch the black light penetrate his body.After these black lights penetrated, they merged into the body of the reincarnation of the god emperor, and slowly soaked the body into jet black. Then a ball of flame burned up, and Shanghai felt a familiar breath. The breath of power from the hell race.Thirty-six reincarnation bodies of god emperors could not escape, even if they were penetrated by the black light on their arms, it was difficult to suppress their bodies to turn black. When the whole body was completely white and black, the vitality of those god emperor reincarnations had been exhausted. It\’s done.Uhhh…Masses of hell flames emerged from the reincarnation of the thirty-six god emperors. Then they opened their eyes, and their pupils were suddenly occupied by the flames of hell, and their bodies, as the flames climbed, continued to change. Got huge.Finally resurrected…Ha ha……Human World…Hells…Shanghai\’s expression changed, and looking outside the Supreme Realm, the first monster emperor Zhe Yu was located above him intact, looking down at all the reincarnation bodies of the god emperor indifferently.Friends of Taoism, we must first break through this supreme realm, otherwise we will all fall here, and even be taken away by these hell guys… Tianyu God Emperor said solemnly, he has already Recognizing the thirty-six bodies that had been transformed, they had already been invaded by the Hell Race.The first demon emperor Zhe Yu had a close connection with the hell clan, which no one could have imagined. However, Shanghai quickly became relieved. The demons came from the hell world, and the first demonic emperor Zhe Yu attacked and killed the dragon mother back then. It is not impossible to have a connection with the hell clan.

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