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The pendulum clock swept over the cabinet is almost half past nine.

If we act now, we will definitely die faster. Shanghai stared at the two soul-removing monsters. With his perception and soul, he felt that the two soul-removing monsters had reached the level of seven metamorphosis. To the unparalleled pressure.This oppressive force is no different than the old immortality.The fourth monster emperor…Shanghai could feel that the monster emperor was watching him through these two soul-removing monsters, and even he could not look directly at them with those four eyes.But… Sen Luo was unwilling to say.It\’s nothing, the fourth demon emperor has already arrived, and is now staring at me. If we take a shot, we will definitely fall here. Shanghai said in a deep voice. At this moment, he is under terrible pressure, and the flesh and blood in his body is already Suppressed and blurred.The ancient demon\’s regeneration is constantly urged to repair the crushed parts of the body, but even so, it still can\’t keep up with the speed of the flesh and blood exploding.horrible……Shanghai was full of dignity, and it was the first time he faced a monster emperor.Moreover, the demon emperor has not yet come in person, but through the two soul-removing demon beasts, just like this, it makes Shanghai feel an extreme sense of crisis, if the demon emperor comes in person, I am afraid that only one look can kill itself.This is not an exaggeration, but a real fact.The four monster emperors were already among the top existences in the Primordial Era. Only two supreme and one emperor, as well as the ancestors of the early days, can be compared with them. I don’t know how terrible such a character possesses. .In the shuttle of time and space, Shanghai had already felt the terrifying place of the demon emperor. If it weren\’t for the old immortal holding a treasure of the sky, plus the dragon evil supreme, it would be impossible to suppress the demon emperor.At that time, the demon emperor had already spent all his energy in restoring the spiritual realm, and had not fully recovered, otherwise, even if the old immortal and the dragon evil supreme joined forces, it would be difficult to suppress the four demon emperors.The death of one of the monster emperors was actually related to the sneak attack on the reincarnated body of the Tianyu God Emperor.The reincarnation body of the Tianyu God Emperor who had recovered to 70% of the power of the peak period, and the demon emperor was extremely worn out, and was oppressed by the old undead with the heavenly treasure. Under the full attack of the Tianyu God Emperor, This demon emperor is naturally difficult to resist.Retreat. One of the soul-removing demon made a deep and majestic voice.Yes!Bloodhorn and others retreated one after another.Sen Luo took a deep look at Shanghai, squeezed his fists, and then turned back and walked away.

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