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There were no unexpected ups and downs in the bidding picture, and there was no imagined dragon and tiger struggle. They took pictures so calmly, and then before long, they took pictures of the previously promising elixir grass, and the price was also within the affordable range.

Even the Spirit Profound Sword, it’s hard to conceal the excitement in his eyes at this moment. He has always preferred to like this heavy giant sword. The secondary emperor artifact in his original hand was accidentally obtained by Long Xun and presented to him. It’s a pity. That sub-emperor weapon only has one emperor pattern.But now this black giant sword is covered with dense imperial patterns, and its majestic spirituality makes one\’s heart palpitating. Once it is displayed, its power will be unimaginable.Brother, hold this thing.Big Brother, this is the main emperor weapon. In your hands, it exerts far more power than mine, why… Ling Xuan Sword was startled, and after reacting, said quickly.Although this thing is the main imperial weapon, it is not suitable for me. I already have a suitable divine weapon. Shanghai smiled, and was about to shove the black giant sword over.When he touched the black giant sword, Ling Xuanjian’s heart trembled violently, as if this black giant sword had always been used by him. This kind of feeling was never before. Holding the black giant sword, he actually Unwilling to let go for a while.Looking at the black giant sword of the main imperial weapon, the four of Hou Li were full of envy.Before everyone looked back, Shanghai took out all the sub-emperor artifacts, as well as the quasi-divine emperor artifacts, and even three main emperor artifacts. Seeing these things, Hou Li and the others were completely dumbfounded.The vast spirituality filled the whole hall, feeling this amazing spirituality, Houli and others didn\’t know what to say.Afterwards!Shanghai distributed all of these things. Bi Yuelan and Long Xun each received one main emperor artifact, and the remaining sub-emperor artifacts were one to two each, and even the Spirit Profound Sword received one. , At this moment, he hasn\’t recovered yet.Hou Li and the others were extremely excited. Although it was only a secondary emperor weapon, this emperor weapon was much stronger than the original great sword of the Lingxuan Sword. These treasures are things they have hardly found in their entire lives, and now they have a chance. Obtained, although it is just borrowing, but this life is enough to have no regrets.Go! After Shanghai finished speaking, he withdrew the enchantment. With a movement, he took the lead out of the Heavenly Illusion Hall, and the rest followed.Chapter 1538 The Body of Gods and DemonsThe far north of the spiritual realm!But the most remote in the spiritual realmThe area belongs to the area controlled by the Primordial Gods and Demons. Unlike the Primordial Alliance and the Ancient Gods Alliance, the Primordial Gods and Demons have not ruled since ancient times, because the Gods and Demons themselves are very casual and rarely obey the others.The individual strength of the Primordial Gods and Demons is the first of all living beings. What\’s terrifying is not only their physique, but also the power of the Gods and Demons. Since the ancient gods and demons rarely go out, the understanding of the ancient gods and demons is limited to the surface.but!However, Shanghai learned from Houli and others that the far north of the spiritual realm is quite chaotic and there is no unified control. Each area is occupied by a powerful ancient gods and monsters. A city is built and governed by the entire ancient gods. Within the area governed by demons, the largest are the three palaces of gods and demons, governed by the strongest Primordial Gods and Demons.

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