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She doesn\’t regret seriously injuring the young city master. She only hates that she didn\’t slap him dead. Even if she didn\’t fight back, the end would be no better than now. Besides, the beast almost hurt Xiao Siyu just now, which is unforgivable.

No need to check. Brother Leng has been with a cultivator nicknamed a drunkard for the past three months. This person is extremely addicted to alcohol. As long as he gives him good wine, he can say anything. I asked before, no Asked what, Brother Leng just followed him to drink and chat.Take me to find him.Um!Under the guidance of Bi Yuelan, Shanghai and Mu Ningxue soon came to another hall. The cultivators here were all amazed by the two girls when they saw these three people, but they felt the terrifying aura circulating in Shanghai. After that, they didn\’t dare to get too close.I bypassed the main hall and came to the sixth side hall. As soon as I stepped into this place, there was a strong smell of wine. The aromas of various wines were mixed together, and I saw a large wine tank placed on the side. In the hall, some were standing upside down, and some were broken. A sloppy middle-aged man was lying in the middle of the wine tank, snoring and falling asleep.I\’ll call him. Bi Yuelan said.Need not!Shanghai waved his hand and took out a bottle of wine. This was the holy wine obtained from the sacred place in the northern border of the Great Wilderness World. He brought some. Although he didn\’t drink it, it was not wasted anyway. He immediately opened the bottle. Holy wine, the rich aroma of wine gushes out.The drunkard who was sleeping soundly, his nose moved a few times, and his drunk eyes suddenly opened. Before he could see how he started, people had already swept over and grabbed the holy wine. Shanghai released his hand and let the drunkard grab it. The holy wine, after the latter got it, he poured it out desperately.Good wine… After the drunkard drank it all in one breath, he spit out a deep breath, and cried out contentedly.Answer some of my questions, these wines are all yours.Thirty bottles of holy wine were thrown out in Shanghai. The drunkard\’s eyes glistened, and he leaped forward, opened it and drank it, pouring it into his mouth continuously, and stopped drinking six bottles.Ask. The drunkard snorted.Leng Yihang is looking for you, what do you usually ask about?Leng Yihang? Oh? Do you mean that kid who is about to die? It\’s not the mess of the perishable alliance, just chatting. The drunkard replied and continued to drink.Bi Yuelan cast a look, see it, that\’s how he answered it when asked.Apart from waiting for ten years and searching for souls, is there any other way to join the Alliance of the Fallen Gods and gain the inheritance within the Alliance of the Fallen Gods? Shanghai asked.You are asking the right person. The drunkard responded, and after taking a big sip, he said slowly: \”The strong man who originally didn\’t belong to the Perish League, apart from these two so-called methods, there is also a first There are three methods. This method is called Guarding the Sky.\”unbelievable?Chapter 1445

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