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The handsome host\’s face turned a little red and forced his heart to throb. Whenever Jane Xi\’s voice sounded in the auction, he had such a feeling. Fortunately, he had rich experience and didn\’t make mistakes, including this time.

He was also a quasi-divine emperor, but the feeling that this golden man gave to Shanghai was even more terrifying than the one you had encountered before.There is also a gap between the levels of the quasi-god emperor. For example, a quasi-god emperor who has cultivated for 10,000 years is stronger than a quasi-god emperor who has cultivated for 100,000 years. The reason for this gap is because of 10,000 years. The potential of becoming a quasi-god emperor is even greater, and being able to become a quasi-god emperor at this age, in addition to having bad weather, is more of a super talent.There are high and low strengths in all realms, but because the number of quasi-divine emperors is too small, they rarely appear in front of the rest of the people, plus even the weakest quasi-divine emperor, there are overwhelming quasi-divine emperors. The ability of all the strong below the realm, so the general strong\’s understanding of the quasi-divine emperor is limited to the four words terrible anomaly.Shanghai has the inheritance of the God Emperor Cangxuan. Naturally, he knew this. In fact, in the ancient times, when the heroes were together, there were not many quasi-divine emperors, and there would be a comparison of strength between these people. The god emperor can even overwhelm the weakest.There are two more… Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly. Apart from the golden armored man in front of him, he also felt two faint but extremely shocking auras. Although these two auras were well hidden, How can I escape the eye of Shanghai.You\’re Shanghai, aren\’t you? The man in the golden armor asked.Yes!The four imperial palaces are pleased. The golden armor man\’s voice was full of undoubted meaning.Good. Shanghai nodded slightly.Without saying much, the golden armored man waved his hand, and the entire void shattered, and then a golden light shot out, which was the same as a secondary imperial weapon. Then the golden armored man made a gesture of please. Shanghai didn\’t say anything, directly Landed on the golden out……The golden shuttle shuttled out, and the golden-clad man stood in front.Shanghai felt that the two horrible auras were following, forming a situation surrounded by the golden armored men. If they were to escape, it would inevitably cause the siege of the golden armored men and the two horrifying powerhouses behind.I don’t know how long it took to shuttle, Jin Shuo penetrated into the void, and what fell into my eyes was a magnificent and magnificent hall. It was the residence of the Four Great Emperor’s Palaces. In the hall, more than 60 horrible breaths poured out. Most of them are the limit of gods, and there are several quasi gods.My Emperor is waiting for you. The golden armored man said in a deep voice. Then took the lead in the front and walked directly towards the hall.My Emperor…Shanghai didn\’t say much, after dropping Jin Shuo, he followed the man in the golden armor into the hall.At the moment of stepping into the hall, more than sixty eyes were all focused on Shanghai. These eyes contained many complex colors, and the pressure contained was extremely terrifying. For the rest of the people, I am afraid that they would have been overwhelmed by these pressures. Yes, but Shanghai has no feeling at all.The ancient demon will not be overwhelmed by any momentum, even if the realm is too different, there will be no feeling, this is the advantage of the ancient demon.coming?

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