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The layout in the carriage is very simple and elegant. After Jane Xi and her three people sit down, the animal cart goes in the direction of Dan Shigong Association.

Shanghai couldn\’t help sighing.As I said, so many god emperors can\’t help it, let alone you, do you really think that you can surpass those god emperors? Qi Ling sneered.If someone else heard this, they would have long been annoyed and would even give up. But Qi Ling\’s words flashed in Shanghai\’s mind. The god emperor couldn\’t help it, how could he have it? After all, those who have cultivated to the level of the god emperor are the first person in a certain era in terms of aptitude and ability. Except for the same god emperor, who can compare with these god emperors?Naturally, the god emperor is not only capable, but the treasures he possesses are not comparable to Shanghai. In this case, the method used before in Shanghai, whether it is divine consciousness or dripping blood, should have been used a long time ago, and there should be none. Effect.So, what is there that the god emperor might not have in his own body?The imperial artifacts must be eliminated first, because the things that the god emperor himself carries at will are enough to be refined into secondary imperial artifacts, as for the remaining treasures, they are of no use.I don\’t know if the Nine Deaths Immortal Art will work… Shanghai Xin said, this Nine Deaths Immortal Art also has a word for immortality, maybe it is also another kind of immortal method, and immediately moved his mind, urging the power of the Nine Death Immortal Art to penetrate. In the altar.After waiting for a while, the altar remained unchanged.Or not……Shanghai is already considering whether to give up, but he still has an inexplicable obsession, because he still has one thing he hasn’t tried, that ray of mystery, this is what his mother left behind. He didn’t expect it before. After displaying the Nine Dead Immortals, I suddenly thought of this thing.Try it, it\’s almost the same anyway. Shanghai Xin said, and immediately stretched out his finger and tapped it on the altar, and then his mind moved the mysterious air in his body.Try again? It seems you really don\’t want to give up…Qi Ling continued to ridicule, as he blurted out the words, suddenly the altar thundered and trembled, and then the extremely ice emperor patterns densely surrounding the altar split open, \”What…what\’s going on? Is this kid…couldn\’t it? real……\”He quickly turned his gaze to Shanghai, but saw that Shanghai’s expression remained the same as before, without the slightest change. This made the instrument extremely incomprehensible. However, it did not notice that a touch of surprise and joy faintly flashed in Shanghai’s eyes, and his The gaze is always on the right finger.At the end of the finger, a ray of mysterious aura is growing at an extremely fast speed, and under the altar, an endless stream of very mysterious power emerges, and it is this power that fuels the mysterious aura. Strand after strand breeds.It is difficult for outsiders to perceive it, but Shanghai can clearly feel that the mysterious aura has risen to the thickness of the finger, and it has become more and more ethereal, like a plume of smoke, which may fade at any time, but it has changed. It has to be even stronger.A peculiar law unexpectedly bred out of mystery, and this law is not in the world like other laws, but transcends the world. This peculiar change shocks Shanghai very much. He naturally couldn\’t understand what this change meant, but there was no doubt that the mysterious aura became stronger.At this time!The mysterious air stopped growing, and Shanghai took it back into his body. Although he did not find the magic of the immortal, his gains were not small this time, and he felt that this mysterious air might also be related to the immortal, otherwise, Why does it grow up when it touches the altar?At the moment the mysterious air enters the body, suddenly, the mysterious air releases extremely terrifying powers. These powers shocked Shanghai. If it broke out, he would be smashed to pieces on the spot, and quickly swung the divine might to suppress it. When he was about to do it, the most terrifying power flowed along his limbs and veins, and infiltrated his body one after another, nourishing his bones and blood…

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