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The second project is purification. Although it is more difficult to purify the third level spirit medicine, Jian Xi has already mastered this aspect. After most of the specified time, she has completed it. This time, she doesn\’t have to wait for others. She just adjusted her breath for a while. After recovering the previous consumption, she settled down to the third project.

At this time!A familiar figure rushed over, and it was Situ Ding surprisingly, and a deep haze was seen on his slightly fat face.Extreme speed magic…Shanghai fully urged, the power of 12,000 envoys instilled the whole body, and disappeared in the same place in a flash. Situ Ding, who followed behind, also followed closely…Soon after the two left, a beautiful shadow slowly fell near the hall. A stunningly glamorous woman wore a black veil, as if flames were burning, even her beautiful eyes were filled with incomparable heat. As if to melt everything in the world.Little girl, the old man has been with you for so long, should you say something? A thin old man rushed out, staring at the glamorous woman, and the old man exuded extremely terrifying aura. Amazingly, he is a god king.The stunningly glamorous woman looked at the thin old man indifferently.The thin old man frowned. For some reason, he suddenly felt a strong anxiety in his heart, as if some danger was approaching.At this time, the stunningly glamorous and glamorous woman made her move, and when she pointed it out, she saw an endless collection of flames and turned into a brilliant black lotus.The lotus of hell… When the thin old man saw the black lotus, his face completely changed. Without a word, he immediately turned back and ran away, but at the moment he turned, he was already burning up with a sigh of relief, and for a moment , He has turned into fly ash.A god king was killed in this way.And this stunningly glamorous and glamorous woman\’s strength is only at the level of a high-ranking god…Chapter 1394 Killing Situ DingUnder the super-speed magic skills, Shanghai\’s speed has broken into 200,000 times the speed of the world, this speed is comparable to that of the god king, and his combined ancient battle steps in it, the speed has surged again, and the rear can\’t chase it. She\’s Situ Ding was so angry that his lungs would explode at this moment.At first it was only about a thousand miles away from Shanghai, and it was gradually approaching. I knew that the speed of Shanghai suddenly skyrocketed, and the distance was stretched again. Seeing this situation, Situ Ding was not in a hurry. Anyway, as long as he keeps chasing, the power of Shanghai It will eventually run out, and at that time, this child\’s death period.But!The power of Shanghai seemed to be endless. After chasing for a quarter of an hour, there was still no sign of exhaustion. This made Situ Ding shocked and annoyed. If this continues, I don\’t know how long it will be to catch up with Shanghai.This place is the outer layer of the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu. There have been many strong people, and even some god kings have stepped into this place. In order to avoid extraneous branches, he decided to kill Shanghai as soon as possible.Boy, do you think the speed is fast, why can\’t this elder stop you?Situ Ding\’s eyes flashed with a deep chill, and he immediately pointed to the void, and saw that three reincarnation skills appeared on his finger. The profound meanings of these three reincarnation skills were deeper, and they were displayed by the power of the god king, and their power was even more powerful. fear.

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