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Strange letter star also lost a mouthful. There was an imperceptible disdain on the corners of his lips, but it was very obscure and no one found it.

What a terrible attack and killing power… not only the attack and killing power, this attack seems to be full of endless changes, and even enveloped the surrounding area, there is no way to avoid it, but it can only be blocked. What a magical skill, is it First-grade magical skill? This child is only at the top level of the Fourth World Sovereign, and he can actually comprehend the first-grade magical skill… The middle-aged man took a breath of air, and with the level of the god general, he can naturally see that Shanghai\’s strength is terrifying. Therefore, a shot is like a tens of thousands of thunder riots.There were originally some middle-aged men who didn\’t believe in Shanghai\’s ability. At this moment, he looked at Shanghai with deep vigilance and guard. At this moment, he no longer regards Shanghai as a younger generation on the spot, but a peer.This son won\’t really get through the second layer and reverse the black prison? The middle-aged man\’s cheeks twitched again and again, and his heart was filled with unspeakable excitement. If Shanghai could really do this, it would be terrible. In time , This son will shine in the temple of Qiantian.In an instant, the middle-aged man branded Shanghai in his heart, and he could not offend, he could only make friends.The sound of violent fighting suddenly attracted two figures. They were two gods, one is an old man and the other is a woman. They saw the gods who fell on the ground and were eroded by ghosts. After the meeting, they couldn\’t help but stunned, their eyes were full of shock, and they looked at the middle-aged man aside.Mo Daoyou, this… The eyes of the two people contained the color of inquiry.He did it! The middle-aged man surnamed Mo nodded slightly.It\’s so powerful…The Fourth World Lord has such amazing capabilities at the peak. Is it possible that he intends to get through the second layer and reverse the black prison? The female god will be surprised.He does intend to do this. The man surnamed Mo nodded.hiss……The two of them took a deep breath, looking at the back of Shanghai continuing to move forward, their gazes became complicated.With the experience of these three people, how can’t it be seen that Shanghai’s attack just now was not only to defeat the gods and generals eroded by the evil spirits, but also to warn them not to play any tricks behind the black hands, otherwise the result will be like this. The gods eroded by Ghost Sha will be the same.The ability is very strong, but he really has the strength to get through the second level? The old man was a little displeased: \”There are many gods in this second level who have been corroded by ghosts. This is still a relatively weak one. Wait for him to meet Those who are strong are hard to say.\”I\’m afraid this son really has a chance. The man surnamed Mo suddenly said.The two god generals were startled and looked at the man surnamed Mo in a puzzled way. Shanghai killed the god generals who were corroded by the ghost evil with the strength of the Fourth World Zun’s peak. The terrible power of attack and killing is nothing more.after all!Although the gods eroded by the evil spirits are terrible, it is only for the strong who have just stepped into the black prison. For these gods who have been in the second layer of the black prison for many years, unless it is those who have reached the top level of strength. The generals that the ghosts eroded, the ordinary ones are not enough to be feared at all.Because these gods eroded by the ghosts cannot perform their magical skills at all, at most they can only mobilize their own gods power. As long as they are not bad, they will slowly consume these gods who are eroded by the ghosts, and eventually they will be able to Beat them.He only took one blow. The man surnamed Mo said in a deep voice.

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