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Who can reach this level at the age of 23? Jijie Sun Xing sees that Jian Xi\’s strength is already the great perfection of the golden elixir period. There is only a thin line from breaking through Yuanying. As long as a Ning Ying pill, even if it is only a circle of inferior elixir, it can easily condense the baby. But why doesn\’t she break through?

Shanghai had already closed the secret room. He didn\’t know the outside world at all, and he didn\’t even bother to pay attention to it. He threw himself into boring temptation. His arm burst into pieces for an unknown number of times. Without the essence of God\’s source, he took Tiangang. All the things that can be replenished in the ring are used to replenish them. If it is really impossible to replenish, you can only continue after the natural recovery.Three months passed.With a smile on the corner of Shanghai’s mouth, he waved his hand to open all the enchantments. In these three months, he finally won a breath of time, and he also paid a lot of money. His arm broke a hundred. If you don\’t say anything, he has exhausted all the treasures that can be used in Tiangang Ring.Although there are some rare treasures among them, for Shanghai, these things are more than that mysterious.Boy Lin, you have finally figured it out. A displeased voice came, and the lonely life came out with a long face.It is no wonder that Shanghai has been closed for three months.The Lonely Three Life originally planned to break the barrier directly, but after being transmitted by Mu Wanran, the suzerain of Mu Xuezong, so that he would not disturb Shanghai, he did not dare to break the barrier. Just waited for three full months.Senior Dugu is so anxious, is there something important? Shanghai smiled disapprovingly.Nonsense, Mu Xuezong has been settled now. You promised me what you promised me, shouldn\’t it be fulfilled? Dugu Sanming said in a deep voice, \”At the beginning, we had said that, the lord of Mu Xuezong, Mu Wanran, let her You didn\’t tell Mu Wanran to help us deal with the Nantian boss, did you? She is now in retreat, and she has missed a great opportunity. It will not be so easy to deal with the Nantian boss at that time.\”There is also a reason for Dugu Sansheng’s anxiety. Boss Nantian was seriously injured in the past. If he kills Boss Nantian in time, the chance of killing Boss Nantian is definitely not small, but Shanghai has missed this wonderful thing. opportunity.If it takes more time, the Nantian Boss will recover better. Once the Nantian Boss is completely recovered, it will be difficult to deal with it.Let\’s go, let\’s go find the Nantian boss now. Shanghai said.Now? Dugu Sanming stared slightly, \”Aren\’t you lying to me?\”When did I lie to seniors? Shanghai smiled.Okay, go now, is Sect Master Mu together?Sect Master Mu is still healing and will not go with us for the time being, Shanghai said.what?Dugu Sanming\’s eyes widened, \”You mean, we two go? Are you stupid or crazy? How can the two of us deal with the Nantian Boss?\”Predecessors don\’t need to worry. I have already asked a senior to help. This person is no less powerful than Sect Master Mu. Shanghai said.Oh? Where is it?

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