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Yan Song\’s voice of \”come here\” has sounded.

That\’s why he didn\’t ask, but who knew that Shanghai would bring him such a big surprise.And this blow has completely shredded the ripples of life and death. The Thunder God Spear was full of shocking power and pierced the heart of the blue gauze. As soon as it touched, the blue gauze burst into terror. The defensive power.Severely blocked the thunder burst.Taishi Seventh Style!Countless lightning flashes appeared in Shanghai\’s eyes. Under the two reincarnation magic skills, this move was once again blasted. The three supreme magic skills were released, and the lightning spear buzzed endlessly, as if excited. Suddenly, I wore that blue gauze.With a bang, the blue gauze was broken, and under the tall figure, a beautiful figure appeared, wearing a snow-white gauze, with a beautiful face that made people tremble, and when I saw this face, Shanghai couldn\’t help being the same time!With the extremely powerful physique appearing on the stunning woman, as well as the palpable Primordial power, she unloaded the Thunder God\’s Spear to one side.It was really unexpected. Shanghai never expected to see this woman here, because this woman is no stranger to him. She was lying in the exquisite jade coffin at the beginning…Chapter 1343 Thunder God EmperorIt was the evil woman in Linglong\’s jade coffin.Not only Shanghai, but even the old immortal can\’t help being stunned. Obviously, he didn\’t expect this woman under the blue gauze.At the moment when he walked sideways, Shanghai suddenly remembered something. The tail of the Thunder God Spear swept past and hit the evil woman. The tremendous physical strength drove the evil woman back three steps in succession. .The latter’s stunning face showed a touch of surprise, and she looked at Shanghai with a complicated expression, because she knew that the blow that was just now would definitely cause her to be severely wounded if Shanghai had displayed the power of attack. However, Shanghai did not. Do it.Looking at this person\’s expression again, it seems that he knows her, but he has never seen him before, but there is some inexplicable familiarity.According to the previous agreement, I won. The lightning spear in Shanghai\’s hand pointed directly at the evil woman.Yes, you won.The evil woman stared at Shanghai deeply, her white and slender fingers flicked slightly, and the drop of emperor blood containing the terrifying power was thrown out.He took it casually and felt the amazing power contained in the blood of the emperor. After Shanghai confirmed that it was correct, he packed it into the small cauldron of Tiangang Ring.Immediately, the evil woman turned back and disappeared without saying a word. As for the Night God King, she couldn\’t help but followed closely, watching the two leave, Shanghai frowned slightly, this evil woman didn\’t know herself, could it be Just look exactly the same?

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