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\”Sister, since you are alive, save him,\” said Xiao Siyu with unbearable eyes.

Ji Mie\’s face suddenly sank, and then he took a deep breath and said, \”Are you planning to stand on the opposite side of my Ji clan? You have to think clearly. By then, you will not only have to deal with all the forces and those old guys, but also We have to face our Ji Clan Protoss.\”Can you represent the Ji clan? Shanghai said.Hearing this, Ji Mie\’s cheek twitched, but he didn\’t answer. To tell the truth, he really couldn\’t represent the Ji Protoss. He just said this in a hurry and never consulted the Ji Protoss senior.Since you can\’t represent the Ji clan, go there. Shanghai said solemnly.You and I……Ji Mie wanted to put aside a few ruthless words, and suddenly stared at Shanghai, and suddenly couldn\’t help himself. The opponent was enough to evade the law of the city of all things, and he also knew the third-class magical skills. Even if he could fight against it, he was also Don\’t dare to shoot, unless you are willing to be hurt by the law of the city of everything.Without paying attention to Ji Mie, Shanghai took Sen Luo back and entered the secret room of the residence, directly opening many enchantments.In the current City of All Things, Shanghai is the same no matter where it is. Instead of looking for a so-called hidden place, it is better to just leave it here.In the secret room!Shanghai closed off all perceptions from the outside world, showing a trace of mind, and continued to operate the Nine Death Fairy Art, repairing the wounds of Senluo\’s soul and consciousness.At the same time, a variety of precious treasures and materials were taken out from the Tiangang Ring. These were given by the gods in the Great Wild World in the past. There is also a star core among them. Of course, there are also many Shanghai directly purchased at the exchange meeting. s material.Snapped!The Shenrui Desolate Pattern appeared on the palm of his right hand. Shanghai stared at this Shenrui Desolate Pattern for a moment, and then took a deep breath. The success or failure depends on this one. To overcome this difficulty, mainly look at this one. There are many refining materials for Shenrui Barren Patterns.Master Huang Wen can cultivate to the extreme, enough to aspire to the level of the quasi god emperor. The power of the simple Huang Wen is not a big deal. What is really terrifying is the chain of the Huang Wen. Master Huang Wen was comparable to gods in the ancient times.However, the refining of the barren pattern chain is extremely cumbersome, and the success rate is surprisingly low. Even if it is an experienced junior barren pattern master, the success rate is also abnormally low, and the preciousness of the materials required for the barren pattern chain is even more exaggerated. To the extreme point.If it is said that the refining of the primary barren pattern requires materials like a hill, then the material of the chain of barren pattern is equivalent to that of the Thousand Miles Mountains, and each one is extremely precious material, even in the ancient times, It is very difficult to raise materials for the chain of barren pattern.Fortunately, Shanghai has accumulated a large amount of rare materials in the Gods Battlefield and the Great Wilderness World. More than 90% of them are obtained by accident by other cultivators, but they do not know the purpose and origin, so carry them with you in order to use them in the future. of.There are many kinds of barren patterns, but there are only three main ones, the main attack and kill, the main defense, and the self-enhancement. The primary barren pattern chain can connect nine primary barren patterns. If the tattoo is displayed, the power is extremely terrifying.Shanghai has never thought of refining the chain of primary barren patterns for full attack. Firstly, there is still a lack of materials on the body, and it is unable to refine the nine primary barren patterns that contain the power of attack. Secondly, even if they can be refined completely, The display is only equivalent to the power of the gods to attack and kill.Therefore, the barren pattern chain of the power of attack was rejected by Shanghai. He had already determined in his heart the barren pattern chain to be refined. Whether it can be refined successfully depends on luck…

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