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Jane Xi saw the meaning at the bottom of their eyes. She couldn\’t help sighing. Brilliance was also pulling hatred for herself in disguise.

This… Sen Luo suddenly felt bad, as well as a deep anxiety.I saw that Shanghai Shuangpu revealed a lot of splendor, the original aura of the Holy Lord gradually disappeared, and another stronger aura was slowly condensing, and many special ancient imprints appeared on his body. , As if something is condensing.boom……The sky suddenly changed drastically. I saw endless black clouds shrouded, the earth was ups and downs, and sensational. The foot of Shanghai gradually rose to a more powerful and terrifying aura, as if metamorphosing, swallowing the original aura, and the skin became Crystal clear, black hair dancing without wind…Supreme Lord…Sen Luo\’s face changed completely.Chapter 1160Broke through…Shanghai actually broke through to the Supreme Lord, and the aura that radiated, even Senluo suddenly changed.boom……The impact of the palms of the two reached a critical point, and finally exploded.Sen Luo was shocked to retreat ten feet, his feet drew a long trench, his knees went into the ground, and a puff of black blood spilled from the corners of his mouth. Obviously, the impact just now made his injury worse. When I look at Shanghai again, I just retreated three feet and out……Shanghai\’s figure moved.The speed reached one thousand nine hundred times the boundary speed in an instant. Even Sen Luo couldn\’t help being shocked when he saw this speed.Sen Luo didn\’t choose a head-to-head, but quickly retreated back, reaching an instantaneous speed of two thousand times the boundary speed.Because of the impact just now, the pros and cons are already obvious. After the breakthrough, Shanghai possesses a terrifying force no less than his. This makes his heart tremble. Just after the breakthrough, he will have such terrible capabilities. If he reaches the highest sage Isn’t the Lord pinnacle enough to be a powerful person comparable to the world-honored level?Wait, waiting for me to regain the power of the world-honored level, I will make you regret it forever… Senluo swept back, staring at Shanghai steadily, his eyes full of resentment.suddenly!Shanghai, which was being pulled farther and farther, suddenly leaned forward. This move immediately caught Sun Luo\’s attention. His brows couldn\’t help but frown. At that moment, Shanghai disappeared. That\’s right. Completely disappeared in place.

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