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The biological clock has been very accurate. She rubbed her sleepy eyes, then washed her face, brushed her teeth and cleaned herself up in only five minutes. She was refreshed. When she got out of the cave, she came to the yard in front of the cave door. Looking at the faint light in the sky, she knew that the sun was coming out, so she threw a futon on the ground, sat down facing the rising sun and adjusted her breathing, Waiting for the purple air between the moments before the sun jumped out.

You know, this is the essence that the speed god king has spent his life training, even if it is the most peripheral, it is enough to make the eyes of the gods red.Know the sea!Shanghai\’s body shape kept shaking, the speed reached the extreme, and the amplitude was also great. The original speed of 250 times the limit was also broken, and the instant reached 270 times, which was increased after he realized it. This speed is extremely fast for those who understand the mood of reincarnation, even those who are Dzogchen.But it\’s not enough!Shanghai has seen faster ones. Although they are not in their own state, the opponent\’s speed is too fast, and he can\’t catch up at all. Not to mention the powerful person who has understood the four-world reincarnation mood and reached 400 times the speed of the world. Even the witch peck who had been chasing after him before had reached a speed of more than three hundred times.and!That may not be the fastest speed of the opponent, it may be even higher.After going out, they will definitely face these characters, and the speed will not be slower.Therefore, one\’s own speed must be faster.But!The limit of the realm is too great. Even if Shanghai has some understanding, it cannot exceed the limit of its own realm, reaching more than three hundred times the speed of the realm. This is the limit of the realm, and it is also the limit of the law, unless he can transcend the law.The law cannot be surpassed. Since its own speed can\’t be improved, Shanghai didn\’t bother.Is there no other way?Shanghai pondered in his heart, and in a daze, he suddenly remembered the two-headed evil beast that he had fought against in the past. Although its strength is much lower than that of the golden evil beast, and its speed is only two hundred and thirty times the speed of the world, some of it can Reaching a boundary speed of more than four hundred is its sickle tail.He still has fresh memories, he was so close at the time that he was beheaded by the double-headed evil beast.That\’s right, it\’s it… the tail. Although the movement speed of the double-headed evil beast is slow, its tail speed exceeds its own limit when it attacks… not only the double-headed evil beast, but many Desolate Beast can do this, a certain part of the body can break through its own limits in an instant. Shanghai became more excited as he thought about it, and at the same time, a lot of insights sprouted in his heart again.Yes! Why should I start the whole body? Why don\’t I start a certain part? For example, the acceleration of the feet, compressing the 270 times the speed that can last for a long time to the shortest time, maybe it can be faster in an instant speed……Shanghai\’s heart throbbed, and his expression also revealed strange excitement. He did not suppress it, but allowed this excitement to linger in the sea of ​​knowledge to stimulate more insights.Under the ancient tower!The mind shuddered back into the body, Shanghai\’s eyes suddenly opened, and he took a step forward. His body flashed like a streamer, appearing thousands of feet away. This equidistant distance, for a cultivator of the same realm, It\’s not worth mentioning at all, but his speed is shocking, breaking through to three hundred times the speed.

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