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Jian Xi sat in the space in the middle of the white cloud and looked at the three people\’s rings. She sighed for a long time. She had to say that Wang Qiang\’s spirit stones were more than those of the two yuan infant friars. There were not only nearly a thousand middle-grade spirit stones, but also more than a dozen top-grade spirit stones, and the two yuan infant friars had only more than 300 middle-grade spirit stones.

This stunning beauty is not in line with the current era, and coupled with her divine temperament, she is an ancient god.Shanghai has seen seniors. Shanghai bowed his hand in a salute.Although it\’s just an image, after all, the other party is an ancestor, so don\’t be blasphemy.At this time!The images of stunning beauties and the palace disappeared.boom……There was a huge earthquake on the first floor of the ancient tower, followed by a thick and simple voice, as if penetrating the endless era, \”I ask you, what is the word for love?\” This voice is full of words. The supreme majesty makes one dare not disrespect it.Shanghai was taken aback.What is the answer to the word of love?He couldn\’t help thinking of the women he had encountered, such as the purple fox, Bi Yuelan who was waiting for him, and the women of the past Tianyi saints Yan Wushuang and Ling Yuyao, and even Si Feixuan who had been in a close relationship… Every woman has a different experience with herself.This is love and affection.The strong family affection of the spirits and gods, and the indifferent trampling of family affection of the true god clan, all express the difference in affection.No solution!Shanghai expresses what he thinks in his heart. A word of love can be expressed in words. Everyone has their own different ideas about love, and everyone sees the word love completely differently.Really incomprehensible? A wanton laugh came from the ancient tower, as if laughing at Shanghai\’s ignorance.Who are you? Shanghai said solemnly.Chapter 1028There was no echo from the ancient pagoda, but the first layer was completely opened, and then a treasure fell in front of Shanghai. It was a pair of gloves with a strong spirituality shining above it. It was an eighth-grade artifact, a glove-like artifact, extremely It is rare, and no one knows what it does.Although Shanghai was full of doubts, he still put away his gloves.Guta asked!

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