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Go, get out of here.

Only those who have experienced it will understand the pain of comprehending the reincarnation artistic conception at this stage.Ao Yi originally planned to persuade again, but seeing Shanghai\’s expression resolutely, he was obviously determined to understand, and he didn\’t say anything at all, because it was useless to say more. Only after suffering, would he realize that in the Holy Land How difficult it is to understand the mood of reincarnation.Afterwards, Zhu Yi left, but it left a piece of spiritual consciousness, mainly for fear of accidents and changes during this period.Shanghai continued to sit cross-legged. Instead of practicing, he chewed on the words that he had said before boiling his wings. These words are not only extremely important to him now, but also opened up a farther horizon for him. , Let him understand what level the world\’s top powerhouse reached at his age.Half an hour later, Shanghai put his mind away, his eyes were full of confusion. He didn\’t have much idea about the concept of reincarnation, and he didn\’t know where to start. He originally planned to ask Yiyi for questions, but after thinking about it, he finally dispelled his plan.The reincarnation mood of others can only be used as a reference. Only what he comprehends is the most important. Moreover, he remembered that there is a reincarnation mood in the sea of ​​consciousness, which was obtained by accident from the monster man.Originally, Shanghai planned to ask the winger to see if he could solve his doubts, but after thinking that his body had many secrets, he also dispelled this plan.Let\’s observe the reincarnation mood first. Shanghai thought for a moment, and most of his mind suddenly sank into the sea of ​​knowledge.Within the golden sea, the perfect black arc is located at the very center. It is full of special mystery and power. Although it is not the first time I have seen it, Shanghai can\’t help but be shocked when I see this Dzogchen reincarnation again.It is difficult to describe in words, because this artistic conception gives people the feeling that it is like a firmament created by constant birth, which contains countless stars and countless points of light. At the first glance, it is like taking the entire firmament. In the middle.It\’s amazing…Shanghai couldn\’t help but sigh.After hesitating for a while, he let go of his mind and carefully touched the mood of Dzogchen\’s reincarnation. At the moment of contact, a strange force impacted and bounced his mind away.It bounced my mind away… Shanghai was full of surprise, but he didn\’t give up because of this, and continued to let go of his mind.Still the same, the mind kept being bounced back.Could it be that I can\’t help you not succeed… Shanghai was stubborn and immediately let go of his mind and touched the mood of Dzogchen\’s reincarnation.It was bounced back again and again, and released again and again.I don’t know how many tens of thousands of times this has lasted, but Shanghai is not tired at all. Instead, it has become more energetic. About half an hour later, a ray of mind inadvertently seeps into the mood of Dzogchen reincarnation. Although there is only a trace, in an instant, golden The sea of ​​consciousness set off a wave of trembling souls, and the mind of Shanghai, as if being drawn into a whirlpool, was all included in the meaning of Dzogchen\’s reincarnation…Chapter 0941The Dzogchen reincarnation artistic conception is full of ripples. This is the purest power of reincarnation and the most mysterious power in the world. It can control time, control space, and even control everything about living beings.

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