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Why can\’t my power be used…

Fart, you entered the quarterfinals. You deliberately conceded to me. This is not deliberate surrender, but really lost. Look at the wounds of the two of them. Although the injury in Shanghai looks terrible, it is not enough to be fatal. Yan Potian’s approach to the heart’s position may have damaged his heart. If the battle continues, Shanghai will definitely win in the end.You just fart, Yan Potian obviously let it go on purpose. As far as I know, he had no intention of participating in the Hundred Clan Conference, but he was forced to come…Some descendants of the Protoss clamored, and some even quarreled because of this.Because everyone thinks that Shanghai\’s victory this time is a bit too fluke, and everyone at the top thinks that Yan Potian won, and the result has subverted their perceptions. Naturally, these people will not easily admit that they have guessed wrong. , So I think Shanghai is a trick.Shanghai makes a trick…I am really ignorant…Lei Chen stared at Shanghai as he walked down the test area, \”It seems we still have a chance to fight, and I look forward to fighting with you.\”Ba Yu was slightly stunned, \”It seems that I underestimated this kid, but he is still a bit too tender. If you encounter it, you can at least play for a while. If you want to fight for a real battle, you have to wait for a while, Shanghai, you Grow up soon.\”Semi-finals…EnterEnter the semi-finals…After a brief period of consternation among the people in the Spirit God line, many children roared and excited with excitement. Even the second elders and others were somewhat unable to control their dignity as an elder, and almost joined the shouts and excitement of everyone. .good, very good……Ling Zhantian\’s eyes were shining brightly, and he patted Shanghai on the shoulder continuously, and he kept reading in his mouth. The majestic body couldn\’t help shaking at this moment. As the leader of the clan, he hadn\’t been so excited for many years, like today. Such excitement was still a thousand or two hundred years ago….The southern part of Kunzhou in the middle famine.It is the third-ranked light god clan in the ancient branch of the gods. As the third-ranked branch of the gods, in this area, the light god clan is a hegemonic existence, even the largest holy land. Don\’t dare to offend it.The Guangshen clan has thousands of descendants of the gods, and there are also two first-world gods and eight supreme holy masters, as well as many holy masters. Such forces are already at the top of the gods branch.Secret language world!It is the largest secret place in the southern part of Kunzhou, and the lowest level that can be stepped into is the worldly figure of the Holy Master level, and if you step under the Holy Master, you will undoubtedly die.In the depths of the secret language world, an elder of the light god family is sitting cross-legged, and his body is extremely powerful, and his bloodline concentration has reached at least 50%, which is already a well-deserved half-blood body. In addition, coupled with the realm of its supreme saint, few people in the middle famine can match it.

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